Eric Huggins gets Nebraska offer!

Eric Huggins may be the best player in the state of South Carolina. He may even be the top wide receiver in the nation. Last year Eric caught 51 passes for 932 yards and 14 TDs.

Eric Huggins is a stranger to no one who closely follows recruiting. The 6-foot-3 and 195 receiver from Conway High School in Conway, S.C. is holding offers from most of the nation's elite schools.

"I'm up to eleven offers," Huggins said. "I am holding offers from Michigan, Tennessee, Clemson, Auburn, Virginia, Michigan State , Virginia Tech , South Carolina , Oklahoma, Maryland and Nebraska."

Nebraska's offer came today as Coach Turner Gill spoke with his coach, Coach Palisin. Coach Palisin had some very encouraging words when it came to describing Eric's ability.

"Eric is the only one year starter that I know of on most of the pre-season All-American lists. From the minute I saw Eric play he reminded me of a young Rod Gardner . I had a chance to see him play for a few years. Eric can be that kind of player."

Eric has the ability to go up for a bal with fantastic leaping ability that goes along well with his height advantage that he would have against most defensive backs. What is deceptive about Eric is his speed.

"It will look like he is really going then all the sudden he'll hit another gear. He has wheels in reserves."

Despite holding 11 offers from big-time schools, Eric is also close to getting offers from Ohio State and North Carolina State . With Eric though there will be a package deal.

His teammate and friend Hivera Green who plays defensive tackle for Conway High School are planning to attend college together. So far the two are only holding mutual offers from four schools, but it looks like that number will increase soon too according to his coach.

Nebraska is now pursuing top wide receivers who normally in the past would not have been interested in attending a run-oriented school like Nebraska. Things are changing though.

"I'm excited about the changes in the offense at Nebraska. Bill Callahan is there now and he has been in the NFL and knows how to get players into the NFL."

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