Nevada quarterback holding Nebraska offer

Seevers led his team last year to a 2A State Championship (Nevada's second largest) while being named All-Conference, All-District, All-State, and State Offensive MVP among other things. If his last season's accomplishments weren't exciting enough receiving his first offer was.

Kyle Seevers is in the middle of the Midwest playing for Lincoln County High School in Panaca, Nev. Panaca on a map if you zoom out far enough is middle-range of the state vertically and all the way to the right on the border towards Utah off of state highway 319 just off of US 93.

The location where Seevers lives didn't stop any outside teams from hearing about him, scouting him and eventually offering him. He is likely the best athlete in the state coming in at 6-foot-6 and 190 pounds.

As a sophomore Seevers was voted league MVP in basketball and baseball. This year a shoulder injury halted his basketball season and will not allow him to play baseball this fall. He expects a full recovery, but the fact of the matter is his days playing sports other than football are probably over with.

According to his coach, Richard Ottley, the evaluation process of Kyle by Nebraska is one of the quickest he's been part of.

"I think that I sent the tape to them on a Tuesday. By Thursday they called the school and I was outside. I was told to come back in and take a call from the Nebraska coaches. Coach Wagner was on the phone and they were only half-way through Kyle's film when he called. I sent some more film and about two weeks later they called and offered. A week after that they FedEx'ed a package with a written offer."

"Kyle has an obvious strength in his height at 6-foot-6. He really has great arm strength though. Coach Callahan referenced Kyle's arm strength as NFL arm strength. He is also very mobile for how big he is. He makes great, intelligent decisions too. I think that I could hold up on one hand how many bad decisions he has made in his career so far."

What may be more intriguing about Kyle could be the offense or offenses he is familiar with it. It's really a multiple set offense with similar characteristics to a West Coast Offense. They also run a little option and some Wing-T. Kyle knows a lot about different styles of offenses. So how does this fit into the offense that Bill Callahan will be running in Lincoln?

"He's tailor-made for what Bill Callahan wants to run his offense," Coach Ottley said. "He's a pro-style quarterback with great speed. He makes intelligent progression reads and that is key."

When asking Kyle himself to talk about the offense that he has been asked to run in Nevada he says, "I can do a lot of stuff in the offense. I do good in the pocket and also can do good on the run throwing the ball. We run a West Coast Offense and I have run the option."

Kyle never could have guessed that offers from Nebraska would ever reach him.

"I just didn't think that I had a chance to go to Nebraska or a school like them. Boise State was really the only school that was contacting about me. It's a great opportunity for me at Nebraska. I have a lot of maturing that I have to do. Under a former NFL coach and the staff he has I think that I could learn a lot."

The opportunities for Kyle at Nebraska don't end with possibilities on the gridiron. He has his eyes set on a major and Nebraska just so happens to have a pretty good program to offer him for it.

"I really think that the best things about Nebraska is Coach Callahan and the coaches that they have. I also know someone in sports medicine that I spoke to that went to school at Nebraska. They had a lot of good things to say about the program and I am interested in majoring in sports medicine."

The opportunity to attend Nebraska is on Kyle's mind a lot right now. But there are some things that he's interested in knowing about Nebraska he admits.

"That's (Nebraska) probably where I'll go. It's hard for me to pass up. For me to commit to Nebraska I would really like to get to know the staff. I have never met the staff and I have some questions that I would like to ask them."

Seevers is going to get that chance as he will be in attendance for the spring game in Lincoln on April 17. He will also be attending Nebraska's Elite 11 Quarterback Camp. He will also be attending camp at Nevada and Boise State this summer.

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