Spring musings

Well husker fans, spring ball is underway. This could be the most interesting spring in a long time in Lincoln. We all know the story, a new era has begun. Welcome Mr. Callahan and the west coast offense.

There has never been a spring with so many unanswered questions or so many unknowns. That is what makes this so darn fun!!! Who will start at QB? What will happen with all of the changes to the offensive line? What is our defense going to look like? Just how good are the receivers? Who will replace Demorrio Williams? Just what will this west coast offense look like with the personal that we have. Again, this is going to be a fun year.

There are so, so many things I could hit on with spring ball. Let's face it, spring ball is very important, but the fall is what counts. So let's take this spring for what it really is. A chance for the kids to learn a new system, get use to the new coaches, and most important---make the new coaches notice them!!!

So let's take that angle. Who is going to make an impression on Mr. Callahan? Not the proven players, but the second and third string kids ready to break through and give the coach something to think about over the summer. So here we go, these are my top ten kids ready to make an impact and show just what the got.

Adam Carriker, DE, 6' 6", 270 Lbs. Soph.
With the lose of Trevor Johnson we need to find someone to take over the other DE spot and Adam might just be the guy. He brings big time size and is very athletic.--- He played QB in high school. After being a back up last year I feel he is ready to break through in a big way.

Tierre Green, RB, 6' 0", 195 Lbs. RFr
At the end of last year he was running with the first team during practice while red shirting his freshman year. Watch out Cory Ross, you thought David Horne was your main competition, but it might be Tierre. He is the fastest out of all of the running backs and has added 15 pounds of muscle over the past year. The key will be is he can catch the ball out of the backfield.

Sam Koch, Punter, 6' 1", 235 Lbs. Jr
Gone is Kyle Larsen. Sam is now the man. He just has to prove it to the new coaching staff. Now is the time to make an impression and nail down the job. He has waited in the wings for three years for this chance.

Garth Glissman, QB, 6' 6", 210 Lbs. Jr
If anybody loved hearing about Coach Callahan coming to Nebraska it had to have been Garth. Just take a look at the kid, he is built like a pro style QB. He is Nebraska at heart, but he was not made for the option game. Well the option is gone. After Transferring back to NU after a stint in Hutch. CC in Kansas he now has a legit shot at playing QB at the University of Nebraska.

Stewart Bradley, LB, 6' 4", 240 Lbs. Soph.
After playing DE last year Callahan has moved this walk on from Utah to the #1 spot on the depth chart at SAM linebacker. Now he just has to prove he deserves it. Stewart is a hard worker and a hard hitter. He just needs to hold off freshman Bo Rudd at his new position.

Kurt Mann, 6' 4", OT, 285 Lbs., Soph.
After being a backup all of last year he is now listed at the #1 left tackle position. With all of the changes on the O-Line Kurt has a chance secure one of the most important positions on the field. Protect the blind side of a passing QB. His biggest weakness, is is lack of experience.

Adrian Turner, CB, 5' 9", 180 Lbs., RFr.
NU need a # 3 corner. It might come down to him and Titus Brothers. Adrian brings that confidence that you have to have at that position, plus great speed. The battle for the # 3 spot behind Washington and McPherson has just began.

Wille Amos, WR, 6' 0", 190 Lbs., Sr.
Remember him??? I do, and so does OU. I still can see him returning that INT against OU in 2001. What an athlete!---- Then the knee injury. We have not seen Willie for the past few years. Well he is back at and at a new position. Wide Receiver. Amos is one of the best athletes on the team, let's just hope the knee is healed up and he can shine like he did in 2001 against OU---just this time at a different position.

Darren DeLone, RT, 6' 5". 310 Lbs., Sr.
Well it is go time for Darren. The huge JC prospect has his senior year. At the end of last year he was making his way on the field. He brings great size and strength, plus the footwork. Now with his senior season upon us he just has to show the heart. It is his position to lose. Let's just hope he can live up to the potential that he has.

Mark Brundgart, LB, 6' 2", 225 Lbs., Soph.
Who???? Mark was a demon on special teams last year. As a walk on you might not have ever heard of him. Well this is his coming out party. Right now Mark is listed as the backup weakside linebacker, not bad for a walk-on from Norfolk Catholic. Plus he is just a Sophomore. Mark brings a hardcore work ethic and has football in his blood---his dad played at NU as well. Keep an eye on this kid because he is not going to go away with out a fight.

Speculation and opinion, that is all this is. You just have to love the spring!!!

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