Nebraska offers another wide receiver today!

Josh Briscoe has the athletic gifts to be a fantastic wide receiver in college. He also has the academic gifts too that make him a success in the classroom. His talents on the field though have him holding six total offers.

Josh Briscoe comes in at 6-foot-3 and 175 pounds. A couple of his athletic gifts are his 40 time (4.5 seconds) and his vertical leap (37 inches). The Burns High School standout from Lawndale, N.C. received his fifth written offer today.

"I have offers from Duke, North Carolina State, Virginia, South Carolina, and I just got the offer today from Nebraska. Georgia has offered me verbally."

The first to offer Josh was Duke and since then the floodgates seem to be opening up. The star receiver last year had 44 catches for 726 yds and 7 TDs.

Josh is claiming no particular favorites at this time. He instead is looking closely at all of the schools that have offered.

"I am paying more attention to the schools that have offered. All of my offers are on top. I have to pay more attention to those. No offer is really sticking out right now. I haven't done as much looking into the schools as I would like to. I've not been able to do that yet."

"A couple of the best situations for me may be at Duke and Virginia. Duke has a lot of young wide receivers and I could probably compete for playing time. I would also be getting a good education. At Virginia they let the best players play whether they are freshman or not."

Briscoe would definitely give a lot of schools the chances to bring in immediate help at the receiver position.

"My strengths playing the wide receiver position are letting my man commit to his move and then running my route based on his movement. We will run more choice routes this year."

"Like in a cover two I would make a move hard outside from my slot position and then head up-field to split the safeties."

Briscoe knows what he is looking for when he is reading coverages. He also knows what he is looking for when it comes to picking a college to attend.

"Academics. I'm real high on academics. Then I will look to see if they offer my major or not and also the graduation rate of the players. Then I will look at the program. I will look at the tradition, the returning players and the possibility to play early. I want to play early."

Another situation that may allow him to play early is at Nebraska. He also is intrigued by the thoughts of the new coaching staff and his conversation that he shared with a Nebraska coach.

"Head Coach Callahan is from the Oakland Raiders and they want to pass a lot. I spoke to running back coach Randy Jordan and he said they were going to open it up a bit and if I were interested in coming that far away from home to play football. I told him that I was looking for the best offer."

To this point Josh hasn't made any unofficial visit plans. He also hasn't scheduled any camps. He did have this to say about potentially going to see Nebraska:

"I'd love to meet Coach Callahan and the staff. Hopefully that will be one of my five officials."

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