Averell Spicer: Nebraska offered yesterday

If a good team is built around speed then coaches should be flocking to Rancho Cucamonga, Calif. to see Averell Spicer this fall. Last year from his defensive end position he tallied 14 sacks and 60 tackles as a defensive end. He also played running back on offense.

That's not a huge deal to have defensive ends play running back. It normally happens when kids are 220-230 pounds or lighter, but not Spicer. Averell Spicer is a little larger than that coming in at 6-foot-2 and 265 pounds.

The speed is legit too. As a freshman in track he ran a 10.9 100m, but that was 50 pounds ago. The other day though at 260 pounds he ripped off an 11.2 second 100m. He will consistently run in the high 4.5's doing the 40-yard dash.

"My latest timed forty was about a month ago. The football players were timed with part of the track team. I also do the shot and discus in track."

Last year his production was undeniable on the defensive side of the ball. It could have been on the offense too had it not been for an all-league running back who was a year ahead of Spicer.

"I still got a lot of carries. I played running back in particular situations more and I played fullback as well. Next year I will be starting both-ways. I will start at defensive end and running back."

With undeniable talent like that some big names have stepped up already to offer Spicer. Among them are USC, UCLA, Florida State, Oregon State, Arizona and the latest was Nebraska.

"Nebraska offered me yesterday actually. It was a written offer. I can't remember the name of the coach who is recruiting me though."

With six offers on the table and months to go before football season is here again, Spicer is open when it comes to his favorites. His biggest concerns when picking a school are fitting in, play for a good team and getting a good education.

Distance will not play a factor in Spicer's decision and he will get some idea this summer about what schools have to offer by attending a lot of camps.

"I am going to Oregon State, the Nike combines at Stanford and at San Diego and probably will go to the Adidas combine at Arizona. I will probably take some other unofficials this summer as well."

Spider carries a 2.9 GPA and scored a 900 on his SAT.

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