Moeaki holding Nebraska offer

Nebraska has now offered to players from Warrenville South High School in Wheaton, Ill. The first was Dace Richardson, an offensive lineman, who got an offer from Nebraska. The latest is Anthony Moeaki, a tight end, who this week got an official offer in writing from Nebraska.

Last year it was the Tallahassee Four. Or maybe it was the Lincoln High Five. Anyway, Nebraska is again pursuing multiple players from the same high school team. Anthony Moeaki is now holding a Nebraska offer.

"I'm up to ten offers so far," Moeaki said. "I was offered by BYU, Illinois, Iowa, Maryland, Michigan State, Wisconsin, Iowa State, Kentucky, Louisville and Nebraska."

"The first to offer me was Illinois last August. I have been to Champaign a few times. I camped there last summer and that is when they said that they were going to offer. I took an unofficial to a game last fall and I went to their Junior Day last weekend."

"The latest two offers have been from Louisville and Nebraska. The Louisville one was kind of surprising. I hadn't received anything from them to that point and the all of the sudden I got an offer. I sent film to Nebraska about two months ago and was receiving mail steadily since then and they offered kind of out of the blue too."

"Package Deals" have become a big thing in recent years with high school team mates wanting to play college ball together. Will Dace Richardson and Anthony be a package deal possibly?

"We're really good friends. We've talked about it a little if we liked the same schools. It wouldn't be a make or break to my decision."

Although Moeaki says that his offensive numbers weren't "all that good", he was the leading receiver last year for his team. His biggest strength may not be just catching the ball either.

"We really didn't pass the ball that much. I was the leading receiver with 23 receptions for 405 yards and four touchdowns, but my blocking is really good. I can do both equally well."

Anthony is a big kid at 6-foot-4 and 250 pounds so it's easy to see why he could be effective at blocking. Why he would be so interesting to a coach would be his speed. He still runs the 40-yard dash in 4.7 seconds.

Anthony to this point isn't claiming any favorites although he admits the schools whose campus he has seen hold a slight edge.

"I've visited Illinois, Iowa, BYU and Wisconsin. I have a little brother in Provo, Utah that when I visited him I visited the campus. He's in grade school."

There is no doubt that Anthony would like to begin the recruiting process as soon as possible. He would like to get in some unofficials this summer so it may be possible that he wouldn't have to take any officials that could interrupt his basketball season.

One offer that since he has received it has perked his interest a little bit was Nebraska's. He knows that the tight end in the west coast offense that Bill Callahan is putting in could be good for a tight end.

"I really like Nebraska a lot. I have always heard about their tradition and their prestige there at Nebraska. And with Coach Callahan being there now they'll be passing more."

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