QB, Mark Sanchez talks about first offer

You spend what seems like a lifetime honing your skills. In the off-season you are practicing and during the season, trying as hard as you can to translate the blood, sweat and tears to wins for your team and maybe even a little individual recognition. So, when that comes by the way of written offers, it's a justification of sorts for everything you've done. Mark Sanchez got that by way of his first written offer from the University of Nebraska. Now, he's looking for more.

You'd assume that a written offer means that Sanchez is much more than a name to the new-look Nebraska Cornhuskers and that's why the offer itself means that much more, because again, it means that Mark has been doing things right. "I put a lot of work into my studies and on the field." he said. "I hope this is just beginning, but it's paying off and really starting to show."

If you look at Mark's stats from last year, you might wonder why he's just getting his first written offer now. Throwing for almost 2,500 yards, tossing 29 touchdowns to only 4 interceptions and at an alarmingly high 75% completion rate, the numbers don't lie.........this kid is good.

Believe it or not though, as incomprehensibly gaudy as that 75% is, it's not even Mark's goal for each game he plays. "I want to get around 80 percent." Mark said. "I am great at reading the defenses and can throw any ball, so I have pretty high expectations when I'm out there."

Mark mostly fits the stereotypical mold of a pro-style QB. While his height (6-2 ½) doesn't make you think Drew Bledsoe and his forty (4.85) isn't necessarily blazing, Sanchez jokingly stated that if needed he can run faster. "If a 300 lbs. lineman is chasing me, I can run pretty fast." he said.

What Sanchez brings to the table is an obvious grasp of the offense he's running and the ability to translate that to some very smart on-the-field play. Not one to make bad decisions and not hurt his team, Sanchez's lack of mental miscues makes him an immediate asset.

As for what else Mark himself thinks he brings to the field each time, he talked of the intangibles that have to go along with ability to bring everything together. "I'm an exceptional leader." he said. "I can see the field, make the reads and I'm always looking to make plays."

"I always try to be a playmaker out there."

Sanchez has the numbers and this year, he and his team are going to need them as they take on what can only be considered the mother of all brutal schedules, facing not just THE elite power in California and basically, the entire country, Concord De La Salle, but they add kindling to that fire, taking on Long Beach Poly, Los Alamitos and Mater Dei and that's just the pre-season.

Looking at that kind of schedule, some might be humbled, but it's got Sanchez excited because he knows the philosophy it takes to win. "If you want to be the best, you have to beat the best." Sanchez stated. "These are the teams you want to play if you want to get better and I wouldn't have it any other way."

That's just part of what got Sanchez his offer from NU and will probably equate to more offers in the future. But, if you were to ask Sanchez who some of the other schools are that he's looking at, the list would probably only partially fit what you would think of a young man from his region. "I'm interested in schools like Texas, Notre Dame and of course, USC and Stanford." Mark said. "I've worked hard on my academics to be able to go anyplace I can, so those are other schools I am looking at."

Needless to say, those schools are looking at him, but the offers aren't there...........yet. Mark's not worried though, because the offer from Nebraska now has him thinking of what's in store for the future. "This was a great thing." Sanchez said of the offer from NU. "I'm just hoping that it leads to more things down the road, but I'll take it as I take games. Just do what I can and we'll see what happens."

And so will we.

Sanchez will be attending the Nike combine at San Diego State University, a skills camp at USC and stated that he will try to make one "big" trip out east, hoping to hit Texas, Notre Dame and Nebraska.

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