Bright bullying up offers!

It's tough to not look like a bully when you are larger than the other kids your age. What's even tougher is when you are on the football field and you are just naturally aggressive to go along with being bigger than all of the other players on the field. This type of play has some of the nation's best hard after Callahan Bright.

Callahan Bright is a 6-foot-2 and 320 pound defensive tackle from Harriton High School in Bryn Mar, Pa. Besides Bright's aggressiveness he also has 4.9 40-yard dash speed to go a long with a 375 pound bench press.

"My aggressiveness is my strength," Bright said. "I just play really aggressive. If you are watching from the sideline some people wouldn't consider what I am doing as playing football. Some people think that it is bullying."

If you call bullying flying around and making tackles then Callahan would agree. Last year Bright accumulated over 100 tackles and 15 sacks from his defensive tackle position. Although it was fairly east to tabulate those stats don't ask for an exact count on the amount of offers he has.

"I'm not even sure. There is a lot of them. Some of the ones that stand out are Miami (FL), LSU, Florida State, Texas A&M and Nebraska. Schools like that. I'm not even sure about a top five. It would look something like those schools though."

Bright went on to say that he will be looking at academics first and foremost in his college decision. Then he will look at the football program. Bright will be taking the SAT on May 1.

This summer Callahan is planning on attending a camp at Texas A&M, but first he will be at the Nike camp this Sunday at West Virginia. He will also be at another camp at Giants Stadium in Rutherford, N.J. on May 5.

HuskerConnection only had a few moments to catch up with Bright before he was calling it a day to catch some "Z's". The reason he is going to bed so early is due to some good habits he already has.

"Me and my buddy have been working out before school in the morning. It's not with the team. We are just doing it."

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