An offer and possibly a visitor this weekend?

Missouri standout Chris Brooks is up to four offers. His latest may have been a little shocking for a couple of reasons. But, now he finds himslef contemplating a visit to that very school this weekend.

Chris Brooks is the latest Nebraska offer to a wide receiver. It is clear that the offense is ready for a tune up and Nebraska is identifying the best at the receiver position. Brooks is definitely one of them.

The Hazelwood East High School standout averaged nearly 35 yards a catch last season. He stands at 6-foot-4 and 195 Brooks just returned from Missouri's Black and Gold weekend.

"I just took a trip to Columbia," Brooks said. "It was a good experience. I like the team and I like the coaches. I already know a couple of the players."

"There is and there isn't some feelings for me to stay in Missouri. The coaches are all trying to convince all of the kids to stay in-state. That's smart. I am really comfortable with that idea. It's a good place. They are struggling a little bit right now with their wide receivers. My family would also get to see me play."

Brooks is holding an offer from Missouri as well as Kansas, Indiana and Nebraska. He is also receiving a lot of mail from around the country from schools like Michigan, Iowa, Ohio State, USC, Florida, Florida State and Miami (FL).

Although there are a lot of thoughts with Brooks to stay in-state and become a Tiger he will be looking at all of his options.

"I am checking out team's rosters and their past recruiting classes. I am also looking at their coaching staff. I don't want to go somewhere where the coaches may all get fired or leave."

One school that has seen it's share of coaching turnover the past couple of years is Nebraska. What does Brooks think about Nebraska and it's new look?

"I was kind of shocked to get that offer from Nebraska. I just used to remember watching them whoop up on Mizzou. Now Bill Callahan is there and they are going to try and throw the ball more. There is also a negative of him possibly leaving to go back to the pros or move around again."

His unofficial and camp schedule are really up in the air at this point. Brooks is looking at one or two day camps at Kansas State and a team camp at Illinois. There is also some talk about possibly camping at Nebraska this summer. There is some more immediate talk though about Nebraska.

"Me and a few of the guys started talking about attending the spring game today in Lincoln. It's not out of the question that I will be there."

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