Exclusive!!! Video Interview with Harrison Beck

Many have been the reactions following the record-breaking Spring game for the new-look Huskers. Many being those of the nearly 100 recruits in attendance. One of the opinions many fans want to hear though is that of NU's top QB recruit, Harrison Beck. And, HuskerConnection got that, but in an exclusive Video interview, a brand new offering here on HC. Enjoy as Beck talks about everything from yesterday and what he thinks about Nebraska now vs. before his Saturday experience.

If head coach, Bill Callahan had wanted to, he couldn't have scripted the Nebraska Spring experience much better than it turned out this year. And what better way to finalize that experience than with a sold-out Memorial Stadium amidst perfect weather, complimented by the future Huskers and close to 100 possible future Huskers.

The plate was set, Nebraska put on a show and it wasn't just the team that wowed the recruits in attendance. The record crowd of over 61 thousand fans had everyone buzzing about the new Nebraska and the energy filling Memorial on Saturday.

One recruit that was as much abuzz with excitement over the experience was Nebraska's top QB recruit, Harrison Beck. He stood with fellow recruits and gazed in amazement at the new offense that threw the ball over forty times and the crowd, an experience he had yet to have.

He had that, talked about that, the offense, the atmosphere and his own future as to where he might go to school and oh yeah, where Nebraska sits on his list, all in this edition as we bring you an exclusive, VIDEO BYTE with QB, Harrison Beck.


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