Spring Snap-shots

Check out a few snap-shots from the 2004 Spring game.

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AdamCarriker1s.gif - 19649 Bytes
Head coach, Bill Callahan saw
his new-look offense shine in
front of a record, 61,000+
crowd, his offense setting a bevy
of Spring game records, some
held by such players as Scott
Frost and Tommie Frazier.
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blackshirts1s.gif - 27807 Bytes The future blackshirts for NU
stifled the second and third-
team offenses, holding them
to a total of 24 yards on 36
The RED defense forced the
white team into 8 punts to the
red team's 2 punts and 0
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blackshirts3s.gif - 28017 Bytes Adam Carriker and Barrett
Ruud were two and one
respectively in total tackles,
playing for the first-unit "D".
Because the QBs were in
green jersey's, no sacks were
counted, but Carriker spent
much of the game in the white's
Incognito and the rest of his
first-team offense set tone,
keeping Dailey all but untouched
during most of yesterday's
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Callahan2s.gif - 44687 Bytes Bill Callahan didn't abandon
the running game, but as  he
stated after the game, he
wanted to "open up" the
offense. Nebraska did that
to the tune of over 300 total
yards passing.
Coach "E" talks to his young
second-unit secondary. The
reserve units gave up a
multitude in passing records,
including, most yards, most
touchdowns and completions
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NU2004s.gif - 30106 Bytes (Below) - Joe Dailey threw
4 touchdown passes on the
day and to four different
receivers. Ross Pilkington,
Mark LeFlore, Matt Herian &
Cory Ross.

Left to Right ( pictured
above)  - Beau Davis,
Ty Steinkuhler, Mike Huff,
Lydon Murtha, Jordan
Adams, Nathan Swift

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