Seevers in attendence for spring game

Kyle Seevers made the long flight in from Las Vegas, Nev. to check out the spring game in Lincoln this past weekend. The Huskers revealed a new offense and opened it up setting numerous offensive passing records.

It was what Nebraska exactly had to do to start to draw the attention of some of the nation's elite players. Especially at the quarterback position. Kyle Seevers made note of the Nebraska offense and their new passing style.

"I was thinking that maybe with the first play they might try to go deep," Seevers said. "Then they came out and did al of their shifting and motion. You could hear the crowd go 'ooh' and 'ahh' as they moved around."

"Then they made that long throw and I said to myself that I hope that I have the chance to do that someday."

Holding a Nebraska offer, Seevers was looking forward to his visit. He and his father arrived on Thursday night and made it over to the school early on Friday.

"I met with Coach Wagner (primary recruiter) and I got a chance to meet with Coach Norvell. I also got to go and talk to an academic counselor. I then go to go into Coach Callahan's office and I saw the stadium when it was empty then I watched practice."

While taking in practice some things popped up to Seevers that he made note of. It has been two of the bigger stories this spring when it comes to the practices.

"I loved it. It has a real fast beat. The coaches looked like they were having fun and everything in the practice was about how they finished the play."

Kyle and his father had a chance to take in dinner off campus at what could be one of the biggest recruiting tools that is not directly affiliated with the campus.

"We went to Bob's Grid Iron Grille. There were tons of people there and they had a lot of Nebraska gear in there. I walked around and looked at all of the pictures."

The next morning Kyle and the other recruits that were in town as well as last year's signees were back at the stadium around 10:00. He was back in his seat for the start of the tunnel walk though.

"The tunnel walk was cool. The music was going and the screens were showing the film clips of past teams. It was awesome."

'Awesome' could be used to sum up Seevers trip if you asked him. He made note of a very important detail though.

"I would rate the visit a '9'. It's not only a school known for great football, but it has great academics too. I am hoping to major in sports medicine."

"I thought that the offensive performance will really help them to get to the next level and get them back to winning championships. I thought that the quarterbacks were a little rough on Friday, but executed very well on Saturday."

At the end of the game Kyle had a chance to go inside the locker room. He had another chance to speak with coaches Norvell and Wagner. He also spoke briefly with Coach Callahan. Did the possibility of committing come up?

"They didn't really ask about it. It's still very early. They didn't put any pressure on me. The coaches are very confident in what their program has to offer to an incoming recruit."

There are some tentative plans this summer for Kyle to visit Boise State and possibly Purdue or Oregon. He is hopeful that he will be able to return to Lincoln this summer though to take in a camp.

"I am hoping to camp at Lincoln in the elite quarterback camp. I should be throwing in late June or early July."

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