Lopina returns from Lincoln with Co-Leaders

A busy week led Kevin Lopina on two trips to visit college campuses. As it turns out those two schools may find themselves in the driver's seat to land the services of the signal caller from Concord De La Salle High School.

This past week Kevin Lopina made two trips. His initial trip took him to Tempe, Ariz. while his second trip brought him from Tempe to Lincoln, Neb.

"The trips were fun," Lopina said. "Tempe was nice. I liked it a lot. I got a chance to see all of the facilities, go to practice and I met the quarterback coach."

This isn't the first time Kevin has been on the Arizona State campus. As it turns out he was there last year for orientation. His brother is a student in Tempe.

From Tempe, Kevin boarded a plane and arrived in Nebraska on Friday night. On Saturday he had a chance to attend the Nebraska Red-White game.

"There was a recruit and signees meeting Saturday morning before the game that I attended. Then we saw the game and afterwards I got to hang out and talk with the players and the coaches."

One of the more memorable parts of the spring game for Kevin may have actually happened before the kickoff to the game.

"The tunnel walk was crazy. The fans there are unbelievable."

During the game Kevin was able to see first-hand the transformation of the Nebraska offense. He saw the Nebraska offense put up some big numbers, but not the numbers typical with Nebraska.

"I thought that Nebraska looked really good. They only had 15 practices in the West Coast Offense to that point. I was very happy how they played with their new offense."

One of the largest concerns for Kevin coming into the weekend was the differences between the Bay Area and Lincoln. What did he think?

"It's not too much different with the people. The town was really nice."

After having seen Lincoln and Tempe this past weekend and having seen Stanford and Cal before in the past, how did the visit to Nebraska rate?

"It was a '10'. I really enjoyed myself."

Kevin will be back in Lincoln for the elite quarterback camp this summer. The timing of the camp is critical in the recruiting timeline for Lopina.

"I am planning on committing before the season. I just want to get it out of the way and not have to contend with the calls and distractions during the season."

As for leaders right now, Arizona State and Nebraska are enjoying the top two positions on the leader board after the long weekend for Lopina.

"Put them both on top. Arizona State and Nebraska are my co-leaders."

Kevin is only holding one offer from Nebraska at this time with more to come in the near future obviously.

Beyond the elite quarterback camp plans at Nebraska, Lopina has plans to attend the Nike camp at Stanford.

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