Garvin doubles his offers

One of the top athletes in the nation this coming year has managed to more than double his offers in just a couple of weeks. The more than they fill his inbox the more it sounds like they won't stop. Good thing too, the drop-dead date to make Michael Ray Garvin's top 10 is rapidly approaching.

Yes, that's right. The drop-dead date for Michael Ray Garvin is rapidly approaching and we are only in April. The Don Bosco standout from Ramsey, N.J. is content with the quality of the offers that he has presently and has set the drop dead date before he sets his top 10.

"The date is June 10," Said his father and coach Johnny Ray Garvin. "After that no one other than who makes the final top 10 is getting considered."

Call it learning from history and wanting to repeat it. Last year Don Bosco won the state championship and will again this year make a run at the state championship. Having watched Brian Toal through the process last year, The Garvin's are going to make an earlier decision.

In the past two weeks teams that have entered the race for Garvin include Syracuse, Iowa, Virginia Tech, Virginia, Purdue, Kansas State, Wisconsin and Georgia Tech. There will be more.

"The coach at Oklahoma called and they are waiting for the head coach approval. He's sure he will get it. They like Michael on film. We just faxed in the grades to Notre Dame today and that is looking good too."

There are also schools like Ohio State, Michigan and Miami that seem close to offering. Today an interesting package showed up at the school for Michael, but it's not clear what the contents were.

"There was a personal note to Michael from one of the coaches from Nebraska and some literature about a camp. The package was already opened by the time I got it and I don't know if there was an offer or not. It didn't make sense to me for the letter, the camp brochure but no offer in a FedEx package."

Garvin's schedule has been plenty busy with track dates that only one camp is set in stone for him to visit. The Nike camp in Palo Alto seems to the only camp Michael will make this summer.

"We have just been so busy with track so far. This past weekend Michael ripped off a 10.31 100 meter."

What may be more impressive could be what Michael's father said of his efforts covering some possible NFL draft picks or un-drafted free agents the other day.

"Phil Simms is in working with some quarterbacks and some wide receivers that may get drafted, but will most likely be un-drafted free agents. I told Michael to go out there and play. He played them real tough, straight up. And he's only going to be a senior next year. I kept having to tell myself that."

It's a pedigree that is in the Garvin blood. Michael's father, Johnny Ray Garvin, was a two-time All-American at Adams College in Colorado. Like father-like son for the Michael.

"Everyone is coming in and offering as a cornerback. People are saying that he could play wide receiver and some are even saying running back. We're happy though with cornerback. We're going to keep working to get better and better."

Michael has some big weekends coming up. The first this weekend includes a trip to Penn State on Friday night and the spring game at Rutgers the day after. Next weekend they are off to Pittsburgh.

The weekend after though Michael will be taking the SAT. It shouldn't be a problem though considering the extra book time he is putting in now and the fact that he is carrying a 3.11 cumulative GPA.

The Garvin top 10 offer train is boarding. For all college suitors the time is now to get on board.

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