Massaquoi knows his "ideal" situation

Out of the Tarheel state comes one of the better receivers you are bound to see in the entirety of the Southeast region. Between his on and off the field brilliance, Mohamed Massaquoi finds himself already coveted from coast to coast. And, that attention is only going to rise.

Standing 6'2" and weighing in around 190 lbs., you don't instantly think Randy Moss. And though the 4.5/40 time is fast, it's not going to make you harken back to the days of Tim Brown during his prime.

That's ok with Mohamed Massaquoi though, because it's not just one thing, but everything that he stated defines what he can do for his team. "I'm not great at just one thing or any one thing." Mohamed said. "But, I know I'm solid at everything."

That kind of well-roundedness helped in achieving some flat out gaudy numbers his junior year, catching 87 balls for an incredible 1,525 yards and scoring an equally astounding 23 touchdowns.

Yeah, I'd say he can do everything.

Thus the offers in writing, 11 total at last count, schools like Tennesse, Nebraska, Michigan, N.C. State, North Carolina, Duke, Virginia and Maryland all clamoring for this young man's services in the future.

For the Independence high school standout though, if not a narrowed list, he already has a fairly narrow region of where he would like to play in the future. "I'd like to stay in the southeast if I can." Massaquoi stated. "I'm not totally set on it, but that's what I would like to do."

With that in mind, that does narrow his list some, though as you can see, most of the attention he's getting isn't awfully far from his home state of North Carolina. And, within that group Mohammed said of all the teams he's looking at, nobody stands out, but said that the Volunteers have as good a shot as any. "I haven't really narrowed anything down", he said "but, Tennessee has to be as big a favorite right now as anyone."

As to schools like Michigan and Nebraska that have obviously shown interest, Mohamed allowed for the fact that it's still early, but conceded to his overall initial desire. "If I can stay sort of close to home or in the south, that's what I would like to do in the end." he said.

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