Double-digit offers and counting

Now is the time for recruits to venture out on many of their unofficial visits. Except for camps that are still to come, this is the time for Spring games, one-day events and combines around the country. One of the players that many are watching this year and hoping they get one of these unofficial trips to campus is tight end, Anthony Moeaki. Moeaki will be one of the best out of the "Land of Lincoln" and probably the entire Midwest.

Anthony Moeaki's name is different, but in Illinois, it probably won't stand out a lot, at least right now. Sharing the state with another standout that goes by the name of, Doering, most of the spotlight will probably find it's way closer to Barrington (Doering's hometown) rather than Wheaton where Moeaki resides.

Well, that is if you follow recruiting, but you can't tell that to colleges as the Warrenville South standout has already been receiving the gamut in attention himself.

Reporting 10 offers in writing right now from Nebraska, Illinois, Iowa, Michigan State, Wisconsin, Maryland, BYU, Kentucky, Iowa State and Louisville.

Not bad for someone languishing in anonymity, eh?

He's not and will not as his name grows more even throughout the off-season, a time where Moeaki is working on bettering his previous year's peformance.

In today's game, a 6'4", 240 lbs. tight end is a rarity. Well, a rarity in that the ones you are used to hearing about anymore range from at least that tall on up. That's the popular opinion, but when you take into account the fact that most of the players facing you aren't even 6'3", his height plays out well.

Well enough anyhow to average almost 18 yards a reception on 23 catches, Moeaki cashing in on four of those for scores. Moeaki also looks at what he does at the line as important as what he accomplishes down-field. "I like being a player that can do everything." he said. "I study film a lot so I can work on my routes, but I think I am a good blocker to."

"I always want to be stronger and quicker, but I think I am going to be better this year."

Scary thought for his competition, just something for yet more schools out there to drool over as they look for a solid all-around tight end.

Which of course has Moeaki thinking about recruiting and schools for the future, almost 10 months before the next signing day approaches. Well, thinking, but not pondering with any real focus. "I'm looking at a lot of schools right now," Moeaki stated "but not a lot because it's still pretty early."

Early enough that Anthony still has a couple of camps in mind, one being the Nike combine in Iowa and another, as he stated, possibly a one-day camp or more if it works out. Thus far, his main off-season experience with schools at the next level has been the Spring game in Iowa.

An impressive crowd of 30,000+ turned out for the scrimmage and Moeaki got to evaluate what he hopes to evaluate with all the schools he's looking at for the future. "I got to see the town, talk to the coaches and just see what it was like." Moeaki stated. "I want to do that with all the schools I am interested in before I make any kind of decision."

Another obvious interest is the offense, but Anthony takes a pretty simplistic view. "If they use the tight end, that's all I am worried about." he said. "Just opportunities to catch the ball."

Add that to academics and his comfort with the surroundings and you have the recipe for being a school he'll look at more closely as the recruiting process continues. It's a process that you shouldn't plan on ending anytime soon. "I plan to let the whole thing play out." Anthony said of the recruiting process. "I just want to look real close at the schools I like, see what fits me best and all that. That's probably going to take awhile."

No doubt it will and even more certain is the fact that if a young man is sporting double-digit offers now, Moeaki's name may not trump that of fellow in-stater, Doering, but he'll be making a lot of headlines of his own.

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