Crompton has top four already

It's too early to tell whether this is the year of the quarterback, the running back, the receiver or what have you. It seems one position usually comes out as being the most complete year to year. The quarterback class though, it's off to a flying start as some major players have emerged from around the country. Hoping to add to that list of the elite is North Carolina standout, Jonathan Crompton and if his offers are any sort of early indication, he's going to do just that.

2,300+ yards, 23 touchdowns and 5 interceptions. Pretty impressive for a junior in high school. Efficiency, proficiency and a head for the game, Crompton appears to be set up for a nice finish to an already impressive career.

When it comes to the recruiting, the offers are already reflecting the fact that his career has been impressive enough. The schools that Jonathan said have offers on the table for him right now are

Tennessee, Clemson, Georgia, LSU, N.C. State, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Nebraska, Virginia Tech and Duke.

With that kind of list, you'd think the Tuscaloosa standout would be frothing at the mouth, wondering just how many he will get. Well, yes and no. While Jonathan is excited about the possibility of even more offers, he's already got a fairly good view of the ones he has.

"I like four teams right now." Crompton. "In no order, I like Georgia, Tennessee, Nebraska and kind of Virginia."

That "kind of" for the Cavaliers Jonathan stating simply being a product of his unfamiliarity with UVA. "I'm just not positive about them because I haven't gotten a chance to visit them and all that."

The same could be said for Nebraska, a team that seems to be the odd-man on his current list of favorites, but Crompton stated that there is a little more familiarity with Nebraska than one might expect. "Well, back in the day, me and my sister used to watch them all the time." Jonathan said. "When they used to win all the time and the titles."

"Now though, they are bringing in that new offense with coach Callahan and I heard they threw it in the Spring game like 49 times."

65 times to be exact, the 49 attempts being that of Nebraska's new starter, Joe Dailey. The amount however, you can see why that would turn the head of someone that followed Nebraska prior because it's so, well, so unlike the Huskers. "It's definitely going to be a different Nebraska." Crompton stated.

A different Nebraska means a more intriguing Nebraska for a quarterback like Crompton. At 6'4" and weighing in around 220 lbs., Jonathan is hardly a lanky prospect. More sturdy and stout than anything. His toughness is obviously a trait, but Crompton looks more at the intangibles he brings to the table as being his real assets on the field. "I'm able to read defenses really well." he said. "I can look off defenses if I have a chance to and I know how to get through my reads pretty quickly."

It's rare at the high school level and even at the collegiate level to a great extent that a QB can effectively look off the secondary in an attempt to mask a play. Jonathan admits that it's not easy, but it's still something he's been improving on when he has a chance. "There are times when you can't." Crompton said of the plays where it's a shorter drop or perhaps a screen pass. "On most of the out plays or long plays, I try to freeze defenders as much as I can to keep them away from the play."

"I can do it about half the time."

If that's the case, that puts him amongst the elite to be sure and I'm not just talking high school.

Now, Jonathan has his list of three and "kind of" four. So, that would make you think that he's not wanting to waste time with the whole recruiting process and is looking to possibly get this thing out of the way. Well, not quite. With Michigan having visited him just yesterday morning to watch him throw and many other teams no doubt following the North Carolina stud fairly close, his options could grow significantly. "I have a list, but it's not like a final list or anything like that." Crompton stated. "I'm not thinking about making my decision anytime soon, so I don't know what could happen in the future."

It's bright, no matter how you look at the future for Crompton this year. Whether it's the off-season recruiting or the regular season circus, if there is to be one of those elite QB classes of 2005, Crompton is going to make sure that you will see his name on it, if it's not on there right now.

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