Newest Nebraska offers to pair from Pennsylvania!

Nebraska is finding itself in unfamiliar territory and that is offering kids from all over the country. The latest offer, actually two offers, have turned up in Erie, Pa. to a pair of teammates.

For Joe Blanks it was his first offer. The 6-foot-3 and 310 pound defensive tackle from Cathedral Prep High School wasn't even getting constant mail from Nebraska and then they saw his film.

"I got a full-ride offer to Nebraska," Blanks said. "I got it on Monday. I was getting mail off and on from Nebraska before. I called their coach after I got their offer and he said that they love my feet. Jay Norvell said that he loved my film."

At 310 pounds, Blanks doesn't move too shabby. He is listed as a 5.1 40 in the database. After talking to Blanks expect that time to come down. He is rehabbing a knee injury currently and he expects that when he hits 100% to be faster.

"I tore my meniscus last season. It's coming along really well. My strength is coming back."

The part of the season that Blanks was able to play has earned him one offer and has him hearing from a host of other schools.

"I get consistent mail from West Virginia, Boston College, Iowa, Michigan and Pitt. I could be getting an offer from Pitt anytime soon."

But for the time-being Nebraska is alone being the only one to have offered Blanks. What does he think about The Big Red?

"It's a great school. They usually produce really good, really strong offensive linemen. They all look like they work hard in the weight room. I am definitely giving it some though going to Nebraska."

Although he is giving it some thought, Nebraska is coming in third right now on Blanks' list of favorites.

"I'd say that Nebraska is No. 3. Michigan and West Virginia are in front. Then it would be Iowa and Boston College."

This summer Blanks only has one planned camp and that is Penn State for the Nike Camp. As of this moment there are no unofficial visits set. He does however see himself taking an official visit to Nebraska this fall."

"Definitely. I'll take an official there (Nebraska)," Blanks said.

Adding three offers this past two days has been Andre Mathis. As Bob Lichtenfels reported from Maryland, Nebraska and Connecticut have all offered Mathis this week.

With three new offers in-hand Mathis is now holding five other offers from Pittsburgh, Syracuse, Penn State, Boston College and West Virginia.

Last year Mathis was a second team All-State selection and has become a very hot commodity recently.

Andre currently lists Michigan, Miami, Iowa, West Virginia, Pittsburgh, Syracuse, and Penn State as his favorites.

Thanks to Bob and Jim at PittInsiders for their help on this story!

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