Nebraska offer adds to IL OL total

Although heeding his father's advice not to return a questionnaire the offer still came for this lineman. Although he did fill it out he never faxed it in, but it didn't matter. When you're that good the offer will come despite not sending back that questionnaire.

Eric Hedstrom never returned Nebraska's questionnaire. He phoned Coach Wagner and got a fax number, but failed to send it back in. His father told him to put the questionnaire aside and to get to the other mail.

"My dad said not to bother with the letter from Nebraska," Hedstrom said. "He said 'You'll never go to Nebraska' and I filled it out and never faxed it back. A week later I got another letter and it had an offer in it."

At 6-foot-7 and 265 pounds it is customary to think that Eric plays tackle. Actually Eric plays guard for his high school. Colleges have to be projecting him as a tackle then don't they?

"Nebraska said that they would move me to tackle. They also said that they felt I could play center. They really liked my feet."

Nebraska and Eric like his feet. Eric said that his feet were his biggest strength. "I have really fast feet. I play basketball and that really helped me out a lot. It helps me get out to get to linebackers and make my second and third blocks."

"That's where you really pop out on film and when you can brag about yourself. Getting up-filed and making those blocks."

Eric is a stand out for Mt. Prospect High School in Prospect, Ill. The town of around 150,000 people isn't known for putting out division one football talent hence Eric's nickname.

"Ever since the first offer came in my nickname was sort of become "D1"."

The nickname is fitting because Purdue was the first to offer and they aren't the last. In fact, Eric just received his fourth offer today.

"I have offers from Purdue, Nebraska, Illinois and Northwestern. I got the one from Northwestern today."

Having multiple offers for Eric has relaxed his some. He wasn't sure if he was going to receive more than one offer. Now that he has four he isn't claiming a leader, but the schools that have offered have the majority of his attention.

"I am giving my attention more to the schools that have offered. I don't know if anyone else is going to offer so I need to focus my attention on the schools that have offered. I really don't have any favorites. I am focused on the up-coming season."

Eric isn't joking either. He is attending regular weight lifting sessions before school during the week and in the middle of the afternoon on Saturday to get ready for the season. He also have speed training twice a week as well.

Hedstrom boasts a 5-flat 40 time, but that may not be the best number on his resume. He is currently carrying a 4.58 GPA and scored a 25 on his ACT. He is re-taking his ACT too.

"I was sick that day of the test. I had been taking a class to prepare for it and took a PACT and it said that I should score a 29 or 30."

The importance of academics doesn't end with his ACT test. It happens to be the most important thing in Eric's decision about where to attend college.

"Academics is first. I am going to look at the degrees that they have to offer. Not everyone goes onto the NFL and if you do God bless ya'. I also want to take a look at the job placement statistics of the school as well. Then I will look at the football team."

As of right now there aren't any trips set for Hedstrom. He has a busy summer planned, but it is really for football, basketball and track. One trip is tentatively set.

"I am making plans to go out and see Nebraska this summer. It is a football factory and they produce a lot of quality lineman and I have to look at that."

"It is also a great school to get an education. I want to go out there and see it. I have been reading about the school. People have been talking to me about it too and there has been nothing but good things to say about it."

Eric is familiar with a future Husker already. He knows Santino Panico who signed with Nebraska this past February.

"He's fast. Overall he is a really good player. Off the field he is the nicest guy you will know. I wish him luck out there in Nebraska. I haven't spoken to him since I got my offer from Nebraska."

Eric is planning on committing some time during the season. He wants to get the decision out of the way so he can concentrate on basketball this fall.

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