VIDEO - OL, Dan Doering

Doering could be one of the best linemen in the country. Size, speed, quickness and great technique are just a few of the accolades tossed towards this standout from the Land of Lincoln. Doering also has what some like to call a "nasty side" and as you'll see in this Insiders' video of Doering, he shows that on a frequent basis. ENJOY.

Dan Doering - OL

6'6" - 290lbs. - 5.0/40
Barrington, IL (Barrington)

 #74 - Video Clip 1 - 340kbs - 512kbs
 #74 - Video Clip 2 - 340kbs - 512kbs
 #74 - Video Clip 3 - 340kbs - 512kbs
 #74 - Video Clip 4 - 340kbs - 512kbs

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