Nebraska is "big-time" football

Seven teams are on-board for the Rico McCoy sweepstakes and there are more that are sure to follow. The 6-foot-2 and 210 pound linebacker has seen a lot of coaches already at the school and with a NFL sponsored camp this week, that he will be attending, he is sure to see a lot more.

Rico McCoy is the perfect blend of size, speed and aggressiveness. He plays running back and linebacker in high school, but he is destined to play defense in college. The first team all-conference selection as a junior recorded 120 tackles and five sacks for St. John's College High School in Washington, D.C.

"My father played running back in college," Rico said. "I feel good about playing linebacker though in college. I just want to get the chance to play on the defensive side of the ball. I like to hit."

Schools that have taken notice and who have offered are North Carolina, Maryland, Virginia, Pittsburgh, Syracuse, Boston College and Ohio State.

"The first to offer was Maryland. They offered almost nine months ago. The last to offer was North Carolina. To be honest the biggest surprise to offer was Ohio State."

The list is only going to get longer for those schools that join in the race for McCoy's signature in February. There is a list of schools that have come by his school, are sending a lot of mail and are said to be coming soon to see him.

"Nebraska came to see me at the school. Coach Elmassian was there. North Carolina State sends me a lot of mail and came to see me too. Today Florida, Michigan State and Ohio State were there. I would say that Michigan, UCLA, North Carolina State and Nebraska all send me the most mail."

This week will give McCoy an opportunity to put on a clinic with a camp in town. It's an all-week camp that was postponed and will actually start tomorrow.

"This week a lot more coaches are coming. The NFL sponsored camp is in town and Syracuse, Boston College and Miami are all stopping through."

There are many that seem close to offering McCoy, but a couple of schools jump out at him the most.

"I'd say that the next offer will probably be from NC State. They loved my film and they said that they are going to talk over offering me with the staff."

"After that I would say Nebraska. Before last week I hadn't even thought about them. I had no mail from them until they stopped by. That is big-time football."

"If I got an offer from Nebraska I'd most likely take an official visit there. I'd definitely be taking a trip there, official or an unofficial, if they do offer."

Nebraska has already been at the school to see McCoy one time and will see Rico again this week with another one of their coaches being in attendance at the NFL camp.

"I called Coach Elmassian that night to talk to him. He seemed like a really cool guy. I was excited to talk to a coach from Nebraska. There will be another Nebraska coach at the combine this week. It will either be Coach Elmassion or the defensive coordinator most likely."

McCoy has been busy lifting weights at the school with his fellow teammates as well as running on the weekends with some other friends. He has camp plans for the 15th at Penn State and the MSL combine in Cincinnati.

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