RB, Brandon Jackson - ready for the "big time"

After a Spring of not knowing, when the final word came, you could almost feel relief for Brandon Jackson, if he wasn't feeling so much himself. The ACT results in, the passing grade achieved, now, finally, Jackson can think about the future as one of the Big Red.

"God had a plan for me and I guess this is part of it."

Such were the words of Jackson as he recalled the elation of hearing that he had indeed passed the ACT test after his third attempt. It was a joy that he wasn't feeling alone. "Everyone was just running around the house just yelling." Jackson stated. "I know it's just big for everyone here that this is behind me and I can think about the future."

The future is now probably looking a lot closer for Jackson now that he knows just what that future holds. Now, it's not about what if, rather what might be.

At his current weight of 210 lbs., Brandon says he's ready to go, but he also anticipates that, that weight will go up not long after he's there. "I feel good about my weight, but I know the coaches might want me to get up to around 215 or 220." Jackson stated.

That weight would make him easily the stoutest back in the shallow stable that Nebraska is exhibiting at the position in Cory Ross, David Horne and Tierre Green.

And, wouldn't you know it, even after Ross had impressed so much towards the end of last season and impressed yet more this Spring, there's talk that many are looking for Jackson to take the starting position or at least, leap up the depth chart considerably before the season even starts.

Jackson isn't buying into the hype.

"All that matters is that I do the best that I can do." he said. "I get up to Lincoln, I try my hardest and just give everything I have. I can't worry about what happens after that. I'll play when I play."

Jackson has managed to stay this humble for most of his football career and he said that not even going to a school such as Nebraska is going to take that attitude away. "It doesn't really matter where you are at." he said. "Football is football. You still have to give it your all or your are sitting."

Modesty aside, Brandon would like not to be sitting his first year as any young player coming in would. And, if the comments of defensive line coach, John Blake are any indication, he doesn't expect it either. "He said ‘Get your ankle braces on and get up here,' Jackson stated ‘your in the big-time now'."

Jackson hopes that the "big time" will be his time to shine. "I've been blessed because things are starting to come together." he said. "Now, I just want to play."

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