Strong camp performances boosting popularity

When we last found Scott Eller he was riding a wave off of a strong performance for MSL Combines. After coming in at 6-foot-2 and 299 pounds he began to show what true strength was all about.

Scott Eller plays offensive tackle for Collierville High School in Collierville, Tenn. At 6-foot-2 he would project to play interior line in college. Thankfully he has strengths that will assist in that adjustment.

Inner lineman need great feet like all lineman, good strength, and toughness. Scott possesses all three. Scott ran a 5.3 40-yard dash at the MSL camp, but ran a 5.19 for the Nike camp. He also about duplicated his effort on the benchpress.

"I came in third at the camp for reps on the benchpress. I did 185 pounds 26 times. My arm started to hurt and didn't want to push it," Eller said. At the MSL combine Eller did 27 reps.

Eller carries a 370 pounds bench and squats over 500 pounds. Scott also ran a 4.91 shuttle run at the Nike camp and when the dust had settled following the camp he was voted the No. 10 prospect at the entire camp.

"I only got beat once at the one on one's. He's a good player who beat me too. His name was Al Jones from Eastern St. Johns. The coaches kept me dualing up against all of the best players."

On Sunday at the camp it was a pretty quiet day -- meaning that there wasn't a lot of college coaches around to see Scott perform as well as he did. However, it was evident that those in attendence think that Scott is about to become very popular.

"I spoke to some reporters that were there on Sunday. The people that I spoke to were very surprised that I haven't been getting offers."

Not only is Scott not getting any offers, but he isn't getting a lot of mail. Expect that to change. He is planning on hitting more camps.

"I am going to a Nashville combine for hte Baptist Hospital. I will be going to Tennessee, Arkansas, Auburn and Ole Miss for camps too."

This past week Tennessee and Southern Illinois sent mail to Eller. This may be the last week that Eller will find single digit schools sending him letters.

Scott was told at the Nike camp that he could play either guard or center at the next level.

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