Garvin: Fastest recruit in America?

Michael Ray Garvin can run fast, very fast. The window for teams to be considered for his services is closing even faster. The Garvin train is boarding and all teams who want to be considered need to offer.

If Michael Ray Garvin worked for the IRS the penalty for not submitting an offer on or before June 10 caries some heavy consequences. Like not being considered for the 5-foot-8 and 180 pounder's services.

"The date is June 10th. I haven't began to narrow down the list of schools yet," Garvin said.

It will be a serious narrowing process too. Garvin is now over 30 offers with some of the most recent offers coming from Notre Dame, Georgia, Georgia Tech, North Carolina State and West Virginia.

Another recent offer came from Nebraska. Nebraska sent Garvin a written offer two to three weeks ago. Although Garvin could play three positions on the football field not including returning duties, Nebraska is recruiting him as a defensive back.

"I actually spoke to their coach today (Thursday). I spoke to Coach Cosgrove. He asked if I was interested in Nebraska. He said that they need my speed on their defense and he needs help in the Big 12."

"I told him that I was interested in Nebraska and that I like the Big 12. They always have good competition in the Big 12 conference."

Competition is what Michael Ray Garvin blew away at the Elite College Combine. Garvin finished with the fasted 40 yard dash time and was named as the secondary MVP.

"I beat Derrick Williams with a 4.30 40 yard dash. My first one was a 4.22 but they took it away from me. I think that Derrick ran a 4.36."

Michael Ray Garvin may very well be the fastest man in America right now. The 4.22 and 4.30 times are very impressive, but so are his 100m and 200m track times so far this year.

"Track is going good. My best 100m time is 10.3 and my best 200m time is 21.6."

Beyond the Elite College Camp, Garvin has plans to visit Stanford for the Nike camp and will start to visit some schools soon following the June 10th date he has set.

"I really haven't figured out which schools I will visit. Probably Oklahoma, Nebraska, Kansas State, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Maryland, Penn State, Rutgers, Colorado and Notre Dame."

Would Michel Ray Garvin call those schools his favorites right now?

"Kind of. Yeah."

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