The best WR in the country?

The state of New York isn't renowned for putting out a ton of prep all-everythings year to year. You'll get a "star" here and there, but consistently, it's just not one of the bigger producers in Division 1-A talent. You can consider Nyan Boateng a definite break from the mold then, because he's already a "star" and he still has one more year to play.

As a starting wideout, averaging over 20 yards a catch is pretty significant. And, out of all the catches during year, to take over a quarter of them in for touchdowns, yeah, that's pretty significant to.

Try 30 offers for significant.

It's not many times you hear about a young football star in the state of New York getting the kind of attention Boateng has gotten, but Nyan is getting it and then some. Nyan thinks that it isn't entirely undeserved. "There's nothing I can't do well." he said. "I like running the deep routes, but if I need to come over the middle and make the catch, that's easy to."

The kind of success Nyan's had justifies the confidence he has in himself. Even the most ardent believer in Boateng though, they turn their head twice when Boateng compares himself to another receiver out there. "I look at myself a lot like Randy Moss." Nyan said. "I'm not quite as tall, but I've got a 40 inch vertical, so I can get up for the ball."

Comparing yourself to one of the most stereotypically "perfect" wide receivers in the game would be considered dangerous to some, darn near arrogant to others. Again though, Boateng has 30 written offers.

Evidently, a lot of teams least to an extent.

In space is when Nyan says he's at his best, but if in close-quarters, the confidence remains, because Boateng doesn't plan on being there long. "If I see "man" coverage, my eyes just light up." he said. "And, if the guy tries playing me close to the line, I know he's in trouble."

If you are covering Boateng, you've got problems. That seems pretty evident. I'll you who else has problems. The postman. At least during the last month, the postman has been taking bundle after bundle to the Boateng residence, Nyan stating that of the 30 offers he has, 20 of them have come during this month. Some of the most recent offering him have been Virginia, USC, Nebraska, Rutgers and Pitt.

I know that the first inclination for most would be to look at the biggest names that have offered him, take those that have had the best records in recent years and there, you have what should be his final list. Don't tell that to Boateng, because as unique as he is as a New York football star, he's also unique in that how you have done isn't what matters to him most. "I don't really care about how they did." Nyan said. "There's a lot of teams that have done bad one year and done great the next. You just have to find the team where you fit in best and the place I feel like I can contribute right away."

That's the bottom-line for Boateng in that he's looking for a depth-chart friendly team, with a solid shot at him seeing the field his first year at the school.

Because of that, it might even take a favorite of his out of the picture if they do come around with the offer. "I like Miami a lot." Nyan said. "They send a lot of guys to the NFL and that's what I am looking for, but I also don't want to sit on the bench until I'm a junior."

"I want to go to a place that puts guys into the NFL, but I know has some holes on the depth chart to fill."

That should include most if not all of those that have offered him, few teams holding rosters full of players of Nyan's caliber. Nyan himself said of the 30 offers, that they will become a much shorter list for him before his season begins. "I plan on narrowing it down to around seven or so before the year begins." he said. "I'm not sure right now, but by then, I'll have a much shorter list."

For the rest of the Summer, Boateng has two visits he would like to make, one actually being a camp, the Nike combine at Penn State, while Nyan said that he is unofficially visiting West Virginia at some point as well.

So, any leaders for this New York star? "No." he said. "I'm not worried about who's leading right now, just who will make that final list. After that, I'll probably just see what they do, what kind of situation they have for me and take my visits during the season."

Outside of recruiting though, Boateng has a couple of very specific goals. The first, his team to win a state title of course as any player wants to go out on top. Nyan wants to go out on top another way as well. "By the time the year is done, I want to be the best receiver in the country." he said.

And, to that end, he could very well be.

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