"NU is at the top of my list"

His coach says that if he could build a team from scratch, this is the young man he'd start with. A consummate defender at linebacker, safety and even cornerback, he's stood out for his athleticism and his instincts. It's part of what's getting him so much attention now, schools like Virginia and Nebraska already having offered the prep-star in writing. He knows who's at the top of his list though, so now it's up to everyone else to try and knock them off.

North Carolina is one of the more underrated states in the country in regards to putting out Division 1-A talent year to year. They may not have the overall numbers, but what they lack in mass, they usually make up for in quality.

Take Brandon Woods as an example, well known within the borders of the Tarheel state, but his name is just starting to get known outside the borders for what he can offer on either side of the ball. Nebraska and Virginia have taken notice.

Thus far, Nebraska and Virginia are amongst the main reported offers, but as to how many specifically, Woods stated that his coach would rather he not say at this point. Woods stated that even though he's not giving out the offers, the attention is definitely coming. "My coach doesn't want me to say who's offered and all that." Woods stated. "But, I know I am getting a ton of looks."

While Woods is getting the "looks", already this early he has an idea of what team he likes the most right now. "Nebraska is at the top of my list." he said. "I was talking to one of the coaches and he talked about the atmosphere there, the offense, how the team sticks together and it would be nice to play in front of a crowd like they have there."

Woods stated that there are a few other reasons he has the Huskers sitting el numero uno. "They've got it all." he said. "Great tradition, they are a team that wants to win and they have a great education system. It's early, but it's hard not to like what they have."

There are other teams that will try to knock Nebraska off of that top spot, teams like Virginia no doubt. And, aside from Nebraska despite them sitting at number one, teams like Miami, Clemson, Georgia, North Carolina and Tennessee are pretty intriguing to the Southern high school standout as well.

When you watch Wood's video, you see a good reason as to why he's coveted early on. Plus, you see what kind of potential he has for his final year of prep-ball. Though the only stat we could get is the 549 yards he tallied on 35 receptions, scoring a total of 8 times, you can see for yourself the "up-side" Woods could have for the future.

He's got the size (6'2"-210lbs), the speed (4.5/40) and the obvious instincts for the game. Now, he just has to find the position that he's suited to the best. Brandon does have an idea of what he likes, but he prefers to think of himself as versatile enough that he can contribute anywhere at anytime. "Everyone likes scoring, everyone likes hitting, but it's fun just laying it to someone." he said. "When you get a clear shot on someone, it's hard to beat that feeling because you can just light them up."

That's what Woods hopes to do this year or I should say, plans to do instead. He'll be considered as one of not just the top players in the state of North Carolina, but one of it's finest athletes as well. Will the Huskers stay at the top spot for Woods as the season progresses or can another school come in there and steal the thunder from Nebraska? According to Woods, only time will tell.

"It's early, so a lot can happen." he said. "I can say that right now, Nebraska is number one. I can't tell you what I will be thinking a month from now though or even two weeks. It's a long time before I make any final choice about where I'm going."

Woods plans on playing the entire process out, taking all his visits and making a concrete choice after that.


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