Michigan standout can do it all

If you are looking for an athlete that has it all, look no further than Antonio Bass. His athleticism has made schools only wonder in not whether they want him, but what to offer him as. Position matters though for Bass and depending on what position you want him for, that's going to greatly dictate whether you are "in" as they say or simply watching from the sidelines. Bass knows what he wants to play.

6'2" - 195 lbs. and a 4.4/40

That's about all you need to see to point to a variety of positions this young man can play. And, Antonio Bass himself admits that with all the offers he has (apprx. 13), he can't keep track of where they think he can contribute. "They want me all over the place." Bass said of the positions he's being recruited as. "I mean, you name it, I've got offers for just about every position."

Most players would give their eye-teeth for offers at one, but Bass would actually like it if that were the case for him. You see, he's only got one position on his mind. "Quarterback." he said. "That's what I want to play in college, so whatever school is looking at me as that, I'll probably look at them a lot more."

Antonio has taken to the position with an trial and error methodology, last season being his first season ever as a starting QB. Despite his inexperience though, Bass says what he brings to the table is enough to get things going in the right direction. "I can make things happen." he said. "I'm trying to get in the habit of looking to pass more, but our offensive line wasn't doing real well last year, so I got used to running."

Bass can do that and then some as you have noted with that forty time, but speed isn't his only forte'. "I can move, outside, inside and go through you if I have to, but I'm trying to get out of the habit of that. A lot of that depends on the line though."

Bass has aspirations and yes, to the quarterback side of things. Not wanting to play option football, he's looking to be that more versatile type of quarterback that you have seen at places like Syracuse (Donovan McNabb) and of course, Virginia Tech, once home to the incomparable, Michael Vick.

Antonio isn't ready to place himself in that category, but he's looking for a chance to at least try and that starts with one of the biggest interests he has in that school at the next level. "Offense." Antonio said of one of his most important criteria. "The offense they run is very important to me. I'm not going to a team that just runs, but I'm also not going to a team that just passes the ball all the time."

"I'm looking for something pro-style or something like that, so the offense can get the most out of everything I do."

One of those teams might be Michigan, the team that is considered the obvious favorite for the in-state star. While Antonio concedes that Michigan is certainly "up there", he's not ready to seal the deal on anyone else. "I like them, but I like State (Michigan State), Virginia Tech, Syracuse and a lot of other schools."

"I'm not going to say that Michigan is a sure-thing because if they don't want me, I have no problem going someplace else."

Antonio knows that he needs to have a big year under center this year to legitimize his contention at playing QB at the next level. But, he remains steadfast to that, stating that it's not a matter of "if", rather "when" everyone else starts to see that he can play that position with the best of them. "I've only got one year doing this." Bass said of the QB position. "I've got what it takes to do it, I just need a little more time. You give me that and there's nothing I can't do."


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