Oregon DT has Nebraska offer

Don't let his name scare you. His size and his speed and quickness are enough to scare anyone, especially opposing offensive lineman. With three offers in hand and others calling the lid is about to blow off the top for one of the best in the west.

The name: Ndamukong Suh.

The position: Defensive End.

The mission: The most recruited defensive lineman on the West Coast.

The name is enough for opposing coaches who see his film to be screaming it in their sleep as he terrifies their nightmares.

At 6-foot-5 and 275 pounds, Suh has been working with his trainer and has ran a 4.8 second 40-yard dash. He has also been working on his strength and put up 320 on the bench the last time he maxed out and sports a 425 squat.

The size and the speed have been enough to draw some pretty serious schools out to Portland, Ore. to see who some are calling the best defensive lineman on the west coast.

"At the school Washington, Washington State, Idaho, Nebraska, Oregon State and Stanford have all been there to see me," Suh said. "I have received phone calls from USC, Notre Dame, Oregon, Nebraska and Idaho so far."

So far the two in-state schools and Nebraska have been the first to offer. Here is what he had to say about those schools:

Oregon - It's a very good program. Academically they are a little on my low list. They don't have my major. I plan on majoring in engineering and maybe move into chemical engineering.

Oregon State - Also a very good program. I really like their head coach and their staff. I like the improvements that they are making there on their facilities. They also just added a new engineering building to their campus.

Nebraska - I am really interested in Nebraska because of their coaching staff. They got Bill Callahan there now for a head coach and I used to watch him and the Raiders. I am just reading a letter I got from them right now actually. I am trying to find out more about them.

So far Suh has only been to see the in-state campuses. There are no immediate plans to see Nebraska, but an official visit will most likely go to Nebraska.

"I don't have any plans to unofficially visit (Nebraska). I will probably end up trying to take an official out there to see them."

When asked about his strengths at playing the defensive end position Suh said, "My quickness."

"It seems like I am pretty quick when you see me play the other offensive lineman in my league. When we got to the playoffs it was the same. It must be my quickness and my size."

Although it is early to start talking about favorites the three schools that have offered Suh plus USC and Notre Dame are all really standing out right now.

Suh is being recruited by everyone to play on the defensive side of the ball, however he plays both ways in high school. "I like defense best. I play guard on offense and I like pulling and blindsiding defensive ends."

Suh is planning on attending the Nike camp at Stanford. He also has a June 5th date set to take the SAT.

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Ndamukong Suh Air Attack video

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