Does Todd Cox have a Nebraska offer?

Todd Cox is a member of just about everyone's pre-season All-American lists. He is hearing from everyone all over the country. Teams see speed when they see Todd.

At 6-foot-2 and 195 pounds, Todd Cox still runs a 4.41 second 40-yard dash. It's easy to understand why perennial powerhouse teams have offered Todd.

"I'm not real sure on the amount of offers," Cox said. "I haven't counted them."

Schools like LSU, USC, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, North Carolina, Ole Miss and others have already offered Cox. The question is what position are these teams recruiting him for?

"Most are recruiting me as an athlete. Some of the teams see me as a wide receiver. Most of them are recruiting me as an outside linebacker."

Cox says that his speed and his power are his two biggest strengths when it comes to playing outside linebacker. This fall he will be playing running back and a little wide receiver. What does he like about playing running back?

"I really like to run the other players over and score touchdowns. I had 80 attempts for 950 yards last year and 11 touchdowns. I'm really not sure of my defensive stats."

Although it's tough to just name off the schools that have offered Cox has a pretty good idea about a list of favorites to this point.

"I guess you could say Tennessee, LSU, USC, Miami and Florida are my favorites. Distance will not be a problem."

So for all of the Husker fans who want to know if the Cornhuskers have offered the answer is: maybe.

"Nebraska has sent be a bunch of letters. I'm not sure if they have offered or not. My coach may have forgotten to tell me if they have offered. Nebraska hasn't called yet."

"I like Nebraska. They always have a pretty good team."

This fall Todd and his team may face a tough season. Harding Academy is a 2A private school in Memphis. They normally play much larger schools in higher classes. Last year they ended up 5-6.

Cox isn't sure on his current GPA, but his ACT score will not be an issue. He recently just scored a 20 and feels that the GPA is a non-issue and he should be fully qualified.

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