It's your rapid rundown in recruiting. Your multi-recruit, two-sided take in recruiting for some of the top preps in the country. Check out our "Skinny" for the nitty gritty on preps from around the country and check out the "Slant" for your Nebraska side of the story. Is it up? Is it down? We give you the grit and spare you the "stuff" as we give you the straight scoop on what's going on with the preps. Check out this edition of The "SLANT/SKINNY". <P> <p> <p> <P> <P> <P>

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THE SKINNY/SLANT: Husker Recruiting Tracker

Spencer Adkins6-0/228/4.59

THE SKINNY: If you're looking for a consensus All-American linebacker look no further than Spencer Adkins.  With his offers in the double-digits and holding offers from such schools as Florida, Florida State, Oklahoma, LSU and Tennessee he is only waiting for Miami to come in and offer.  Nebraska has offered Spencer and called during the evaluation period.  Playing linebacker Adkins makes plays behind the line of scrimmage, "I just run to the ball and I'm quick and explosive."  He ran a 4.56 at the Nike camp and did 35 reps of 185 on the bench.  Adkins said that his top five right now would be the three Florida schools, LSU and Georgia

THE SLANT: This one isn't that tough to call.  If Miami were to offer I think that it would be a done deal.  He has a Nebraska offer but said this, "It's a good program (Nebraska), but I really don't see myself going to Nebraska."  There are just some kids in other states/areas that are hopeless to try to pull away from their native area.  Add Spencer to that list.

LBBrandon Duncan6-2/210/4.60

THE SKINNY: Duncan has come out of nowhere and will establish himself as being one of the best linebackers in the state.  According to my sources, UT was to offer on Monday.  He has a lot of Texas influence, however, the dark horse here is TCU.  He has some family "steering" toward TCU.  Turner Gill was here, requested video and no offer was extended from Nebraska.  The 6-foot-2 and 215 pound linebacker ran a 4.5/40 and plays very, very angry.

THE SLANT: I have known about Brandon for some time now.  I told Stacey Dean that he would be adding Duncan to the Texas Hot 100 eventually.  A Nebraska offer isn't going to go too far here.  Another dark horse here could be Kansas after they landed James McClinton last year.


Queito Teasley6-1/290/4.80
THE SKINNY: Like Duncan, Teasley sort of popped up on the recruiting radar fairly recently.  Already holding offers from such teams as Oklahoma and Pitt, Nebraska came in and offered Teasley.  The Katy, Texas standout stars at the running back position and the defensive back position, but let it be known that he enjoys playing the running back position or anywhere on offense better than defense.  The 6-foot and 180 pound Teasley runs a

Nebraska has offered Teasley as a defensive back and unfortunately that didn't help out their chances.  Furthermore, a Texas offer was rumored to be en-route for Monday to Teasley.  I would consider them a very, very heavy UT lean and could commit right after the offer.

Jerome Hayes6-2/225/4.60
THE SKINNY: You want offers? Jerome Hayes has them. 26 by his last count and pick out the who's who of college football and you'll probably find them on the list. At 6'2" and 225 lbs. with a reported 4.5/40, you can imagine that scouts are drooling at the thought of what Hayes' senior year will bring. His junior year wasn't bad at all, Hayes tallying 1,100 yards on apprx. 110 carries and 65 tackles to boot.

Hayes bites his tongue a bit when he states the 65 tackles number because he was well over a hundred the year before. Hayes found out first hand what happens when people start to realize where to go, but more importantly, where NOT to go. "Last year, it's like everything was going away from me." Hayes stated. "My sophomore year, I had a lot of opportunities to make plays, but last year, it was like I had to run across the field every time or I was getting chipped by fullbacks, tight ends or just whoever they could send at me."

"That's ok though, because I guess what doesn't kill you makes you stronger."

Hayes is pretty strong as it is, benching 330 and squatting over 400, but Jerome doesn't look at his physical stature as the reason he is as successful as he is, especially on defense. "I can cover people sideline to sideline" he said "and some people have to stay hours and hours in the film room to study, but I seem to be able to just pick it up. It just flows to me."

The offers have been flowing as well, almost at a deluge-line pace over this last month and a half. So much so that Hayes is just letting them come, but states that he's not narrowing down to any type of list until he actually gets a feel for each school. "I can't say who I like and don't like, because I haven't seen them." Hayes stated. "I need to be there and get a feel for the place before I know whether I like it or I don't. It's hard to just pick a school out just because of what you see on TV, because that's not everything there is to the place."

Rutgers, Penn State, Syracuse and Michigan State are schools that Jerome has had a chance to see thus far, but for him, that's just the beginning. "I am going to check out all the Florida schools in June." he said. "Plus, we got a team camp at Syracuse, an individual camp at Wisconsin, plus I think we have a team camp at Rutgers to. I think I might hit some others, but I'm not sure where right now."

Distance? Not an issue stated Hayes. Weather? No problem there as well. How about depth charts as most players are usually looking at that? "Yeah, depth chart is important, but it's not like I am afraid of competition." Hayes stated. "You are going to have to earn your spot no matter where you go, so it's important, but not the main issue with me."

The main issue as you might guess with most is where it "feels" right and whatever schools get one of his five official visits, you can probably call them his top five. Hayes doesn't know where they will go to right now, but with 26 offers already and probably a ton more to go, he's got plenty of options. "I'm taking it all in." he said. "I'll figure it out when the time is right."

THE SLANT: Out of Bayonne high school, Hayes knows Jammal Lord. Well, Lord was his camp counselor at Summer camp and to that, Hayes said he got along with Lord pretty good. "He's not one of those "show" guys." Hayes stated. "He'll talk to you, so that was cool." Hayes said he's definitely interested in Nebraska, because Lord is in the NFL right now and that's where Hayes would eventually like to be. And, Hayes is pretty "up" on what's happening with the "U" as to the offensive changes, coaching changes and all that as well. He'll be one to keep an eye on this year.

Kyle Newell6-4/225/4.50
The Skinny: 13 offers and counting, Kyle Newell is becoming a hot commodity in the state of Pennsylvania. The 6'4"-225 lbs. Bethlehem Catholic star is being recruited anywhere from tight end to defensive end and even at linebacker. Given the variety, Newell's strengths go beyond "just" his 4.5/40. "I'm quick off the ball." Newell stated. "I'm quick enough to edge-rush, but I like doing that and then coming up inside of them. I don't want them to get used to any one thing and I can do either pretty well."

That's not all Newell can do, Kyle standing as one of the team's go-to guys at the wideout position. In fact, there's not much Newell can't do, but you need to only look at his goals for this year of 15 sacks and over 1,000 yards receiving to figure that one out.

The teams that are offering him, again, there's a bunch. Louisville, Tennessee, Uconn, Virginia, Nebraska, Rutgers, Northwestern, Duke, just to name a few. It's an impressive list, but Newell hasn't been wowed into any type of list thus far. "I don't have any favorites right now." he said.

Kyle plans on taking a couple of visits this Summer, but hasn't decided on where those will be and he has no plans for any camps this year. As to a decision, Newell is looking at the long-haul, taking all the official visits allowed and after that, figuring out which school meets his main criteria in that, it's just a place that "feels comfortable" to him.

Newell is obviously going to be one of the better all-around two-way players out of Pennsylvania this year, but if he does indeed meet his statistical goals this year, his name will shoot up the national charts as well.

The Slant: This is a longshot at best for Nebraska. To be honest, Newell seems to be partial to his region of the country, but he knows next to nothing about the Big Red. Nebraska is recruiting him as a defensive end and as to Kyle's preference as to what position he wants to play, he doesn't have one. Seeing as how he is used to playing from the down position though, you might expect him to lean more to that position for the future.


Mark Ortmann 6-6/270/5.20
The Skinny: Mark Ortmann could become a darkhorse prep out of the state of Texas. Still benefitting off a great combine at Texas A&M, where this 6'6"+ and 270+ Klein standout ran a 5.0/40 and that was on a rain soaked field. Because of that performance, Ortmann is now being called by the likes of Michigan and Wisconsin, in addition to the two teams that have offered him, Kansas and Northwestern. Ortmann is looking at Michigan of course as one of his favorites, but includes those that have offered him along with Nebraska, Texas A&M, Texas and Miami.

The Slant: Ortmann is interested in Nebraska because, well, it's Nebraska. The offensive line tradition and their old winning ways is going a long ways into putting them on Mark's early list. Because Ortmann is taking his time with the process, Nebraska looks to be one of the favorites (at least, right now) to see one of his five allotted officials, so we'll keep an eye on him throughout the process.

Mark benches 350 - squats 450 and has a vertical jump of 26

The only Nebraska coach he's had contact with is Dennis Wagner. "I like talking to him." Ortmann said of Wagner. "He said that they don't have a lot of depth there right now and really like me as a kid that could come in and play for them."

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