Nebraska offer has them high on TE list

Thirteen offers and counting for The Woodlands, Texas standout tight end. Nebraska has offered and is looking good on his leader board.

Few that have come to The Woodlands to see Kyle Anderson haven't offered him before leaving. In fact, he couldn't think of one that wouldn't have offered if he was going to seriously consider their school.

Anderson is a tight end that can come in a be the blocker that you need on the edge and can be the mismatch tight end that you need to stretch the field. He's 6-foot-6 and almost 6-foot-7 and around 255 pounds.

"My size and speed are my biggest strengths," Anderson said. "I don't know of too many guys that are that big and run around a 4.6/40 consistently."

And few can. That is why many have come to Texas to see Anderson and why so many have offered. To date 13 schools have entered the Kyle Anderson sweepstakes. Kyle has received three offers in the past three days.

"Actually Arkansas offered me today. I was offered by Auburn yesterday and LSU two days ago." Before them Texas A&M, UCLA, Wisconsin, Arizona, Texas Tech, Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma State, Missouri and Colorado all extended offers.

One school that did come to see Anderson that left without offering was Miami. "Miami came to see me. Coach Coker was here. They told me that they were going to come so it wasn't a surprise."

From Nebraska, Jay Norvell made the trip to see Kyle. "He was here a week or so ago. I have spoke to him a couple of times. He seems like a really great guy. I am really interested in the new offense."

Given the 13 offers and it not even being summer vacation yet it's tough to get it narrowed down. "It's really wide open. I used to put Miami at No. 1. But, now everyone is showing me so much interest. All of the schools are recruiting me so well."

One school that definitely does have his attention is Nebraska. Admittedly, Anderson really couldn't see himself at Nebraska before the announced changes from the option offense to the west coast offense. Bill Callahan and the "winds of change" though have Kyle thinking about Nebraska.

"I'm excited to see how their offense goes. I really want to check it out. Of course they are up there. They're in my top three."

The only other firm school that Anderson says is in his top three is LSU. Vying for the last spot on the three deep are Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Wisconsin, Arkansas, and Oklahoma State of the schools that have offered until recently. Auburn, however has interesting ties to Anderson.

"My dad actually played at Auburn. He was a tight end there. He played his senior year and was also a decathlete."

Of the schools that haven't offered Miami and Texas are on Anderson's list. Interestingly though both schools are recruiting Anderson as a offensive tackle instead of a tight end.

"At first at the thought of playing tackle I was like, yeah right. I am starting to think about it though. I am also starting to think about playing tight end in college and what I can do there at that position."

The summer plans are pretty wide open for Anderson. Camps were on the early agenda, but there is really some much needed evaluation to come for Anderson when some of the interest surrounding the evaluation period takes place.

"I will probably go to a few camps and make some unofficials." As of right now though those lucky schools will have to wait to see if Kyle visits or camps with them this summer.

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