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The last name, Wiseman is no more significant than any other, but for Anthony Wiseman, it's indicative of how he approaches football and the recruiting process itself. A young man that despite having offers from some of the heaviest hitters in college football still manages to as he says "keep it real". That's made his recruiting process a little easier to take. That's good, because the process for this Maryland stud is only going to get busier even before he final season as a prep begins.

For any recruit that finds himself followed and subsequently recruited by some of the nation's most elite programs, there's a lot of ways that they can translate that as it applies to how they think. Confidence in seeing that major programs like what they can do, even arrogance to an extent knowing that they are one of the coveted from coast to coast. Or, such as the case is with Anthony Wiseman, it's a matter of just appreciating the fact that everything they have done up to this point is truly paying off. "It's a fun time for me right now." Wiseman stated. "There's a lot of big-time programs showing interest in me, so that is great and I am glad to see it happening."

"But, I appreciate it because not everyone gets attention like this, so I am happy about everything that is happening right now. I am just very blessed."

Just one of the many reasons this Dematha Cahtolic (Hyattsville, Maryland) is coveted as much as he is by such programs as Michigan, Nebraska, Syracuse, Penn State and Pitt (All having offered Wiseman at this point) is his versatility in being able to play either side of the ball.

As a running back, Wiseman averaged over 10 yards per carry as a junior, scoring 10 times and as a DB, Wiseman tallied 3 picks and managed 40 tackles on the year. As to the position he's being predominately recruited as, the defensive side wins and Wiseman attributes his coaching for that being the case. "A lot of coaches that recruit me say I am farther along in my technique right now than some freshman they have coming into college." Anthony said. "With all the different kinds of receivers there are out there, if your technique isn't solid, you aren't going to have a lot of success."

Wiseman combines that knowledge of the game from a technique aspect with 4.37 speed (recorded at school) and a 275 bench/420 squat combination and a 35 inch vertical to make himself a formidable force against any type of receivers he's likely to face. And, when it comes to the wide range of wideouts, from smaller-faster types to the big receivers that are significantly harder to play in "man" coverage, Anthony has a simple philosophy. "You have to be smart about how you play anyone." he said. "With guys that fly, you can't play them right up close all the time and with the big receivers, you have to cover them, but keep enough distance they can't use that against you."

"You just have to put yourself in situations to capitalize on opportunities and at the same time, not give them any."

Opportunities are something Wiseman has plenty of considering the amount of offers he has, Anthony stating that he's right around double-digits thus far. And, when you consider the schools they are coming from, those that are likely to come are just as significant. There is one offer though that Anthony is waiting for if only to cement them amongst his list of top three schools he's looking at thus far. "Actually, my coach said I have an offer from Miami." he said. "But, I haven't seen it in writing, so I am not treating it like I do. That's just how I do that, so if I see it in writing, I'll know for myself that I have one."

The University of Miami is an easy choice for a lot of the best preps around, especially on the east coast, but Wiseman has actually visited Miami and though he's certainly enamored with the ‘Canes, even if the offer was in writing, that wouldn't put them as an automatic for a commit. "I feel I can play anywhere." he said. "I just want to play at a big-time program that gets a lot of exposure and obviously, you get that with Miami. But, you get that with a lot of schools, so it's not like Miami's the only choice."

The other choices, at least for Wiseman's early top three are Maryland and the University of Nebraska. Maryland would seem like an obvious choice for the in-state star, but one has to wonder how Nebraska has made such a significant early influence on him. "It's Nebraska." Anthony said. "A whole lot of tradition, a team that you see a lot on TV and well, it's just the Red and White. It's big-time football."

Wiseman did say that right now, if he had to schedule his official visits, three out of the allowed five would go to the aforementioned trio. As to the others, Wiseman hasn't decided. "Right now, it's just those three, but I am going through the whole process, so a lot can happen with that."

As previously stated, Anthony has had a chance to see Miami unofficially already along with a couple visits to see the ‘Terps, but Wiseman has also visited Virginia and Syracuse and would like to go to Nebraska before the Summer is over.

As to camps, Wiseman hasn't attended any and doesn't have any plans to attend any as well.

Right now, Wiseman is just "keeping it real". "I'm thankful for everything that's happening right now." he said. "I can't think that I've done anything though. You just can't sit and think how great things are and that you have it made and you are done. You don't win like that. You win by always looking for more. That's what I am going to do."

Anthony also competes in track and has sported the following times in the following listed races:


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