Florida offers change picture for Beck?

At this point, everyone is either into or just finishing up their Spring football sessions. For most teams, it's kind of just a feeling out opportunity just to see where they are at. Harrison Beck and his team had that opportunity as they faced off against St. Pete Catholic. Beck talked about that game, how he did and of course, how the recruiting has picked up even more for one of the standouts in the state of Florida. Will the addition of the Florida schools have an impact and if so, how much?

Spring games aren't regular season games. Yeah, I know, that's obvious. The thing is, they usually aren't even constructed like normal games, very few going a full four quarters, some not even going a half.

For Harrison Beck's  Countryside team, it was actually three quarters they got to play and it was evidently a pretty exciting 3 quarters at that. "It was a shootout." Beck stated. "They'd score, we'd score and it was like that to the end."

For the abbreviated contest, Harrison said he that he was 17-23 on the day for 210 yards, throwing for a touchdown and running for another. Like he had stated previously though, the game literally came down to the end. "We were losing like 28-21." he said. "And, we marched it all the way down the field and I ran it in from 20 yards on an "option-counter" out of the shotgun."

"On the next play for the two-point conversion, we called a "backside slant", I did a little Brett Favre action and threw that mother in there. They fumbled on the next possession, we scored again and sent their butts home."

The final was Countryside 35 -  St. Pete's Catholic 28.

Beck stated as only he can what Countryside was doing in being able to put together 4 separate drives of over 80 yards each. "We were monkey-stomping them." he said. "They couldn't stop us."

It's hard to make a segue from "monkey-stomping" to recruiting, but we'll give it a shot.

Ok, now to the recruiting.

How was that?

Anyway, the recruiting has heated up yet again for Beck, Florida and Florida State now jumping in as part of the Harrison Harem, so to speak. If all the other offers Beck has had didn't justify the talent of this young man, the latest two certainly do. It's offers he puts into a simple perspective. "They're Florida schools, so they're big." Beck stated.

How big? Well, big of course, but Beck said that you can officially still say he has a leader amongst this impressive group. "You can put Nebraska as my leader." he said. "I'm camping there this Summer, so it will give me a chance to get another look at them."

That extra look and camp visit obviously doesn't stop at least one of those Florida offers from making them one of his top three schools though. "My top three right now is Nebraska, N.C. State and Florida." he said.

With Beck's well-noted intention to get his decision to commit out of the way before his final season a prep even begins, the time-frame for him and well as those schools recruiting him is getting ever smaller.

And, at present, his top three look about as firm as any top three can look at this point with Nebraska holding a slight edge over the other two. It's not a "gimmee" for the Huskers though as Beck states that there's still lots to look at and many things to investigate before he knows exactly where he wants to be. "There's a lot of things I look for in a school." Beck stated. "Do I get along with my position coach, will they make me the best QB I can be and do I work well in their offensive system? With Nebraska or Florida or anyone, I have to see all those things before I can be sure that, that is where I want to be."

Beck will have approximately 3 months to figure all that out, that being approximately the amount of time before his team's first scheduled game of the year. Chances are though, it won't take nearly that long for the Sunshine State star.

While Beck's name doesn't seem to find itself amongst the "elite" in a lot of pre-season lists, it's my own estimation that, that will change, especially once the season starts. Simply based on the offers he's gotten thus far and from who though, it will probably change before that.

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