Spring, Texas Wideout with Offer from NU

The list is long and illustrious of the preps that will be coming out of the Lonestar state yet again. Texas, one of the hotbeds of recruiting every single year puts out four and five-star players like Maryland cafes put out Lobster bisque. Wide receiver, Daryl Jones is amongst that group this year. That's usually enough to cement him as coveted from around the country and that would be correct, but for Jones, that's just the beginning.

Spring high school's, Daryl Jones is already carving himself a niche in recruiting circles. The small but speedy and elusive wideout is sitting on 11 offers. Jones, recently in attendance at one of the MSL Combines posted some pretty impressive numbers and Texas recruiting analyst, Stacey Dean had this to say of Jones:

HT/WT: 5-11, 170

20-yd shuttle: 4.09

10-yard time: 1.455

Fig. 8 (3 cone/L cone-drill): 7.01

Angle Drive: 10.84

Vertical: 37"

Broad Jump: 10'2"

Bench Reps: 14

"Those numbers above offer evidence that the wideout from Spring high school is one to pay attention to. But we'd be remiss if we didn;t also point out how well th kid did in one-on-ones. He simply tore it up in one-on-ones. Needless to say, his stock in the Texas Hot 100 (and with colleges) is on the rise..." - Stacey Dean/Texas Recruiting Analyst

"On the rise" is for certain as Jones is sitting on 11 reported offers right now. Schools like Texas A&M, Kansas, Northwestern, Missouri, Utah, Duke and Nebraska have already offered the Spring high school standout.

In fact, possibly one of the only reasons Jones isn't getting even more offers for football right now is that there could be some expectations that Jones won't even make it to college in the first place.

You see, on top of being a highly skilled football player, Jones is considered to already be a major prospect for the next major league draft. In addition, his team during this still-going round of the playoffs just upset the number one ranked high school team in the country, Tomball. For his part, the left fielder, Jones added a grand slam just to make a comfortable lead even more-so, Spring beating the nation's best 15-0.

While Jones doesn't talk about what might be in respect to the baseball potential, he did say that when he's looking at schools at the next level, he wouldn't mind participating in both sports. "Yeah, I'd like to do both." Daryl said. "I enjoy both and I have a decent amount of success, so it would be pretty nice being able to do both in college."

When you look at all the possible criteria surrounding that decision, one has to think that the Texas Longhorns are automatic for the in-state star. While Texas is very good at both baseball and football, Jones however finds himself looking at the Horns' depth chart at wideout and wonders where he might fit in. "They just signed like four receivers." he said. "So, it's not like I won't look at them, but that's definitely going to be a factor I'll consider."

Not really any other factors stand out for Jones as he's trying to keep the entire process as open as he can right now. The depth chart is a consideration, but outside of that, Jones says that there are a lot of schools out there in the running for him. "It's too early to say a team is in or out as far as my list goes." he said. "I'd like to visit a lot of schools, but wherever I go, I have to see it in person first so I can know that everything there fits me."

Jones, while he didn't volunteer any ideas as to where he might eventually be, he did however offer up his current top two. It's a list that as he says, is tentative, but it's the teams he's looking hardest at right now. "Northwestern and Nebraska are really the main two I am looking at." Jones stated. "Like I said, it's early and if more offers come in, I'll take a look at them, but those are my top two right now."

Jones stated that because of baseball playoffs, he wouldn't be attending any camps and more than likely wouldn't be visiting any schools unofficially. If Jones and his team are fortunate enough, his time will be taken up all that into mid-June.

Obviously, Jones is hoping that does become the case, but also said that there's lots of time for football after the baseball is done and gone. "It's real important that I am totally focused on this right now." Jones said of his team's run in the playoffs. "It will be over even before our Fall begins, so it's not like I don't have a lot of time."

"I plan on taking as much of that time as I need to figure out where fits me the best and I will figure out my visits after that to."

On the season, Jones stated that he's batting .360, but wasn't aware of what other stats he's carrying right now.

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