Nebraska offers San Diego-area lineman

When offensive coaches are fighting with defensive coaches and vice versa to get you on their side of the ball, you're good. Although Russell Tialavea prefers one over the other he'll get a chance to play college ball regardless.

He's got a low-center of gravity which makes him perfect for interior offensive line or defensive tackle. At 6-foot-3 and 280 pounds he still runs a 5.1 second 40-yard dash. That has coaches on the same team fighting for his services on their side of the ball.

"I get letters from coaches telling me that they are fighting over which side of the ball that they want me to play on," Tialavea said. "I prefer defense because I like to tackle people. I like offense a lot, but I like defense better."

So far Russell has five offers. "I have offers from Nebraska, Kansas State, Arizona State, BYU and San Diego State. The first to offer was Nebraska about few months ago and the last was Kansas State."

Although he is only carrying five offers he had a lot more teams to come and visit him. San Diego State was the latest to see him but he has had visits from USC, Washington State, Oregon State, Michigan, Michigan State and UCLA among others. He has only received phone calls from BYU and Nebraska.

"I spoke to Coach Busch from Nebraska. He's a cool guy. He's the recruiter for the San Diego area. Nebraska is recruiting me for both offense and defense."

William's strengths are his quickness, his hips and his footwork. "My coach tells me that I have the best hips that he has ever seen."

Those hips helped him get 10 sacks last year. He received all-league, all-North County of San Diego and second-team All-CIS which is the biggest honor out of the three. As a sophomore William received all-state honors as an offensive lineman.

William definitely knows what he is looking for in a college. "I want a family environment in the team. I want the players to be close. I would like to go where there is warm weather too (laughing). I also want to take into consideration a mission."

Does the mission make BYU an early leader for Tialavea's services? "Yeah, kind of. It's my parents' top choice. It's one of the top two. Nebraska said that they would let me go. I think that a couple of others said that it would be OK. Some others are still thinking about it."

What about weather? If Nebraska allowed the mission would the possibility of cold winters keep Russell away? "I was just playing about that. I was just joking. I would prefer warm weather, but it's not the deciding factor."

Russell had planned to attend the camp at BYU; however there may be a schedule conflict. He will be in summer school at that time and is restricted to the amount of days he can miss. Russell may have to cancel that camp.

"I'll be real busy this summer with summer school and basketball tournaments. I play basketball too."

Although he is in summer school Russell carries a 2.4 GPA and scored a 900 on his SAT. "I want to do better and so I will be taking the test again."

As of now Russell is claiming a top three of BYU, USC and UCLA. Nebraska is up there, but falls outside of the top three. "They're in my top five. I really don't know a lot about Nebraska. I know that they have a good football team. I am planning on taking an official visit out there this fall."

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