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On paper, this might be considered a good match-up, but once again, Huskers "should" expect a win, but recent history has left Husker fans with the stirring feeling that it's not a matter of when or even if, but waiting for the other shoe to drop. After so many close calls, some Husker fans could be feeling that one of these days, it will be Colorado's turn to roar. Will this Friday's game be different? Let's talk to the fans.

Nebraska: 7-0 in the conference, 11-0 overall, number one in the only poll that matters with only two opponents keeping them out of the national title game.

Colorado: 6-1 in the conference, 8-2 overall, number 14 in the country with a decent shot at best at a BCS bowl game.

Nebraska: Rushing - 1st and in every major defensive category, they rank in the top ten.

Colorado: Ranks in the top ten in only one category (punt returns).

When you take even a brief look at the numbers, this shouldn't be a game. With each game meaning a chance at the Rose Bowl, Nebraska seems to have not only the numbers, but the motivation, but not all the numbers are squarely in NU's favor, rather just by the hair on your chain.

2 pts., 3 pts., 2 pts., 3 pts. and 5 points. That's the margin of victory in each of the last 5 meetings between the Buffs and the Huskers. Combined, they don't equal the margin that Nebraska beat Colorado (they beat CU 44-21) before this string of "cardiac" wins began.

Whatever reason you can fathom, this match-up has become a nail-biter for the last five years. Regardless of how good Nebraska seems to be going in or how bad Colorado appears, only seconds seem to separate the winner from the loser. Unfortunately for the Buffs, even close shaves couldn't bring a victory.

This game isn't lost on the eyes and ears of the average fan as many voice their worry over this game up-coming and saying that it isn't necessarily the caliber of team they are playing, but what playing CU has meant in recent years. "It's nice that we always still beat them anymore", a fan said, "but we could be the best and they could be the worst and it would still be a game. I hate playing Colorado and it's not because they are good, it's because they are Colorado. It's like a curse or something".

A curse might be overstating it some. CU hasn't beaten Nebraska in over 10 years, but that still doesn't seem to make fans fear the worse as their undefeated season hangs in the balance. "I don't like them (Colorado) for a lot of reasons, but I hate it because we make them look better than they are every year. A couple of on-side kicks and mistakes by us and before you know it, they look like contenders and we look like we are overrated."

On the surface, it would appear that fortune smiles faintly on the Buffs throughout the last five games only to rear it's ugly head snatching a victory away from an improbable comeback. At times, CU seems blessed and cursed all at the same time.

But, with no victories under their belt against the Big Red Machine, fans still worry because this isn't your average CU team. "We've barely beat them for years now and they weren't very good", a fan stated, "but this time, they got a darn good team. They can run, throw and have a decent defense. I don't know what to think can happen to us if we have let their bad teams almost beat us. They might paste us, but I think we will find a way to win."

Such appeared to be the overall sentiment from your "average" fan that though they were quite familiar with what CU has done to NU in terms of being a basic pain in the rear, they still believed that NU was going to take this one just as it has before and try as I might, I couldn't get anyone to predict a score that had Nebraska routing the 14th ranked Buffs. "Somehow, those idiots will make a game out of it. Whether it's them or us or an act of God, this is going to come down to the wire just like always. I hate it, but as long as we win I'll be happy."

The voice of the fan rings out and in this person's eye, I was a little surprised not to see as many detractors saying that NU would lose their first game in Boulder. Looking at recent history and at CU's much improved team, it certainly wouldn't be out of the question, but almost to a person, fans didn't agree. "We're still Nebraska", a fan retorted, "and they are still Colorado. It may even take overtime to win, but we will win."

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