Two teams step up to offer Gunnell

Besides the two offers; a list of schools have been out to see Gunnell during this evaluation period. He's a humble kid and some of the interest he is getting he doesn't feel like he totally deserves.

Rich Gunnell has no sense of entitlement. In fact, when Michigan stopped in to see Gunnell the reality of his recruitment began to fully set in.

"Michigan coming by was a surprise. I had been getting mail from them, but they're my dream school," Gunnell said. "It hit me when they were there. A lot of times I underestimate myself."

Some could call that a defense mechanism, but I will tell you it is total modesty. The 6-foot-1 and 180 Gunnell has received his two offers and has been making note of the schools that have come to see him as well as those that seem close to offering.

"I got an offer from Rutgers last Friday. Before that I got an offer from Towson. A lot of schools have been in to see me like Virginia, Maryland, Boston College, and North Carolina State."

Although they didn't stop in to see Gunnell, Miami did call him a couple of days ago. With the two offers in hand Gunnell has some ideas about who could offer next.

"I would say Boston College, Maryland, and Virginia are close. My coach told me that Syracuse was close to offering too, but I've never spoke to anyone from there."

Although Gunnell has good height, size and speed he claims that something else is his biggest strength on the football field. "My intelligence. I'm not the fastest guy, but I know where I need to go to get open and what I need to do. I can also play the physical game if I need to."

With school wrapping up the camps are right around the corner. Gunnell had plans to attend a camp at Boston College, but that may not be a possibility anymore. There is also talks about going to Virginia and Maryland for camp.

As of right now the school that is standing out the most to Gunnell, besides his dream school of Michigan, is Rutgers. "Rutgers seems real interested. The head coach really likes me and he is interested. I just like the coaches from there."

Rich has been to Rutgers for junior day and for a few games. He added, "I really like Virginia too. I spoke with head coach Groh and coach Golden. I went to junior day there and was there for a basketball game against Duke too."

Although Nebraska was at one time sending mail to Gunnell it seems that the mail has stopped. "They were contacting me earlier, but I haven't gotten any mail recently from them."

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