Vince Oghobaase: Coming to a campus near you

At 6'5"+ and weighing in at over 300 lbs. Vince Oghobaase is already a physical force on the defensive interior. Add some almost freakish physical ability with that and you have one of the more touted defensive tackles in the country. He is at that and his recruiting has heated up to a fever pitch.

To be considered one of the top players in the state of Texas, you can forget about any lofty adjectives, because they aren't necessary. You can flat out play. Vince Oghobaase fits that mold to a tee, a physical juggernaut that also possesses the finesse to slip right by you when you think he's looking to run you over. It's what Vince himself states is probably his biggest asset down in the middle. "I can bull-rush when I need to." Vince said. "But, I can shoot the gaps just as easily because I am really quick of the snap."

Considering Oghobasse's formidable size though, you have to think that the Hastings High star takes particular enjoyment in using that physical stature and strength to dominate at the point of impact.

He does.

"You have to raise your man up." Vince said of getting through the first blocker. "You have to get him out of the way and get up-field to the ball. It's about being relentless and the guy across from me learns pretty fast that I don't let up."

The attention isn't letting up either for the Alief, Texas native, Oghobaase approaching 30 offers in writing. To talk to Vince about that lofty amount though, you'd think that he was getting bills in the mail. Not that he doesn't appreciate the offers. In fact, he appreciates them very much, but refreshingly, he doesn't want all this hype to go to his head. "I'm just trying to keep a level-head about all this." Vince said. "I am truly blessed for what's happening right now and you have to believe that, because this stuff doesn't happen to everyone, so you have to be grateful when it happens to you."

Someone else will be grateful, that being the school that gets his services after his final year of prep-ball, but to talk to Vince, that could be literally any team in the country. You've heard the phrase many times "I'm wide-open" only to find that they actually weren't, but Vince is steadfast with that statement. "I can say that there is no team out there or even a top ten for me that catches my eye more than another." he said. "I've got so many schools I want to look at, that it would be impossible for me to make a list right now."

It's a lot of visits indeed as Vince stated that he's planning a Summer session of trips that is formidable to say the least, schools like Florida, Florida State, Miami, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Texas A & M, Texas Tech, Arizona, Stanford, Nebraska and Georgia all in the early tentative plans and yes, there could even be more.

Why all the visits? Why take the time to literally immerse yourself into the recruiting one campus after another? "It's the only way you know about what that school is all about." Vince said. "I can make judgements about how they play football by what I see on TV, but I can't know what that place is like, what the players and coaches are like unless I can see it for myself. I'm just not going to choose a school that I haven't had a chance to really look over and that means being there to see everything for myself."

With the heavy slate of visits coming up, Vince is looking at narrowing his list considerably by the beginning of his football season. A hopeful top five will come out of those visits, whereby he will then take those visits and ultimately decide on which place is best for him. Again though, Vince said that nobody stands out and he's not willing to say anyone will until he's satisfied with the learning process.

Until then, expect the offers to climb and expect this giant of a defensive tackle's name to find itself climbing higher on the lists. He's already high on the Texas list and that's usually enough, but Vince Oghobaase should become a national name as well. And he could be unofficially visiting a campus near you.

Stay tuned.

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