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The Nebraska offer was anticipated by Rico McCoy. The problem is he was expecting it a couple of weeks ago. Does this affect his opinion about Nebraska and their chances?

Rico McCoy has been a waiting a few weeks for the Nebraska offer. It seemed following Coach Elmassian's visit to McCoy's high school that one would soon show up. The wait ended this week.

"I got offers from Nebraska and Michigan this week so far," McCoy said. "I got the Nebraska offer and I called Coach Elmassian. He spoke to me about the program. I ended up getting the offer in the mail on Tuesday."

"I called Michigan to talk to them about the offer. They are the latest to offer me. Oklahoma offered me a couple of days ago."

McCoy tops just about everyone's All-American list. The 6-foot-2 and 210 pound McCoy tallied 120 tackles last season and five sacks. McCoy spoke some more about the Nebraska offer.

"I am going to try to get up there and see them this summer. They play big-time football out there. Everyone (Nebraska) loves football out there. It would be real exciting to play football out there in front of that many people."

"The chances are looking real good right now that I will officially visit Nebraska. I'd say I'll visit Nebraska, Ohio State, Miami, Syracuse and Oklahoma."

Are those five his top five then?

"Yeah, I'll go ahead and say that."

School has ended for McCoy and the real work begins. This summer will be all about strengthening the body with trainer Ricky Tripplett. "My brother worked out with him before he went to school. I am going to try and gain some weight and work on my agility."

McCoy has a lot to work with. It evident from his film clips that he is a very athletic linebacker who will eventually be on everyone's All-American lists.

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