Going for a record in offers

If you have any offers in writing at this point, chances are you are good. 5,10,15 and more, you've ascended to another level. But, when you cross over into multiples of 10, that's approaching obscene. How about 82? Out of 117 Division 1-A teams, over 70% of them have offered you in writing. That's not obscene, that's a record or if it's not, it has to be awfully close. Ryan Perrilloux hopes to take that "maybe" and turn it into a title that only he owns-most recruited athlete in the country.

I've talked to kids that when they got their first offer, you'd thought they had won the lottery. Knowing they had a full ride, thinking about the possibilities and just maybe, others would follow.

Ryan Perrilloux says he has 82 and all from Division 1-A schools. You know what? He's looking for more. "I want them all." Ryan said of getting a written offer from every 1-A school in the country. "I want to have the record, whatever that is."

To be honest, I don't have a clue what the record is as far as the most offers this early in the recruiting season. But, I can say that in the few years I have been doing this, the closest total to this wasn't even 20 offers within what Perrilloux has right now.

82. It's such a ridiculous amount that instead of asking who's offered him and waiting ten minutes for the Louisiana standout to get done, simply ask him who hasn't and that would only kill about a twenty seconds or so.

And, don't think Perrilloux doesn't know at least some of them, because, well, he wants the record, so who hasn't offered him is almost as important as who has. "North Texas hasn't offered me." Ryan said. "Louisiana-Lafayette hasn't offered me, so there's still some teams to go."

Before you start thinking that all this popularity has truly gone to his head, Perrilloux is simply taking it all in stride. Rather than think about the pressure all this attention brings and worry about who, what, when, where and, all that, he's just taking the calls (apprx. 3 a day) from coaches and just trying to have a little fun. "You can't let the attention get to you." Perrilloux stated. "I've just tried to take everything as it comes and just enjoy it. I'm fortunate to be in the position I am, so there's no reason to not at least enjoy everything while it's happening."

And it is happening, and at a fervid pace. Also, to judge the level of interest in Ryan as if the offers weren't enough, the last three coaches he's talked to have been Ron Zook (Florida), Larry Coker (Miami) and Bill Callahan from Nebraska.

This leads to the obvious question of favorites-a question you almost feel ridiculous even asking. Ryan did offer however that out of the 82 written offers he states he has, his realistic list is the neighborhood of 12. Perrilloux wasn't going to name that list, team for team, but his up-coming camps might give you a least a small idea of those teams he is eyeing the most. "I'm going to four one-day camps." he said. "I'm heading to Florida, Florida State, LSU and Texas."

Perrilloux admitted that these teams were obvious choices amongst his favorite Dozen and said that Nebraska was within that group as well. Realistically though, this list could change entirely and even dramatically before everything is all said and done. "I've got no reason to rush any of this." he said. "So, what I think right now might not be the same in two months, during the season or whenever. A lot of stuff changes, so it's hard to see who I will be looking at when I narrow it down to like my top five."

Ryan isn't think that's even going to be by the time his season starts, Perrilloux content with an even dozen if that's what it happens to be. What's occupying his mind right now is what you might expect-a final season to go, working out, running and oh yeah, who's going to be offer number 83. And do try to remember that it's not arrogance that makes Perrilloux ask such a question, because when you have this many offers, how can you not?

"I just want to see how many I can get." he said. "I mean, I have this many now, so I would like to get so many that it would be a record that's never going to be broken."

I'd say Ryan Perrilloux is off to a pretty good start.

Steve Ryan can be reached at huskerconnection@neb.rr.com or 402-730-5619

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