North Carolina star adds another offer

North Carolina standout, Bryan Dixon has another choice to add to his list of schools. With that, he's also going to have to make another choice as well-which position he wants to play. It's probably just the beginning for one of North Carolina's many Division 1-A prospects as his recruiting is probably just starting to heat up.

Bryan Dixon comes to you as an athletic two-way prep that is catching fire in the southern region. Already with offers from East Carolina, Duke and North Carolina and receiving attention from other schools like Wake Forest, Nebraska and most of the rest of the ACC, Dixon isn't having to worry about choices.

Well, that is unless you are taking about the position he'll play. Being recruited at both cornerback and running back, Dixon is already starting to think about which he prefers. "I'd rather play running back, because that's my thing." he said. You'd say that considering that Dixon ran for close to 1,000 reported yards and Bryan stated that he scored 25 times on the offensive side of the ball. Add to that almost 700 yards catching the ball as well. His 5'11"-185 lbs. frame combined with his reported 4.45/40 makes for an inviting combination for anyone.

The teams he's looking at right now are those looking at him, but outside of those he's camped at (East Carolina) and plans to camp (North Carolina), Dixon has his eyes on a few others as possible candidates for the future. "Oh, I'm looking at all kinds of places." he said. "All the in-state schools, most of the ACC and well, if someone is interested in me, that will probably be a time I'll be looking at over the Summer."

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