North Carolina star trying to emerge as a "star"

The three big states in regards to potential Division 1-A football players are Texas, Florida and California. Those will remain the top three as they always have. North Carolina though, even in spite of the overall disparity in number, per capita, the Tarheel state is putting out a ton of their own. This year looks to be a bumper crop for the state and Chazeray Jackson will find himself amongst that list before it's all said and done.

When you play at a particularly small school, it's easy to get overlooked. The competition may not be that great, certainly the exposure isn't that great and even if you are more than feasible as a possible "star", it's easy to go unsung.

Chazeray Jackson fits that, the North Carolina prep playing at East Rutherford high school in Forest City, North Carolina. Basically, you have to do something special to get people to turn their heads. Chazery knows this and looks to his final year to show that he's amongst the N.C. elite. "Because I am just from a little town, most coaches have never seen me play." Jackson stated. "They've seen film, but most are just waiting for the season to see what I can do."

With a reported 6'2" and 210 lbs. frame that gallops along at a reported 4.4 pace in the forty, you'd have to say that expectations would be high. Anyone else's expectations compared to his own however, they pale in comparison. "Everyday is another day to get bigger, stronger and faster." Chazeray said. "I believe in myself, but I can't ever play good enough that I'll be satisfied. You can't be or you stop improving on what you can do."

What Jackson has done already isn't anything to sneeze at, Chazery's junior campaign showing just what kind of versatility the young man has. From the defensive side playing linebacker, Jackson posted 90 tackles, 20 of those for loss and he tallied a total of 5 sacks. On the offensive side, Chazeray had 80 carries for 645 yards, scoring 9 times.

In an effort to try and get better along with getting his name out a little more, Jackson has been attempting to get on run of attending camps. Already having been to an Adidas "elite" camp, Jackson is also hoping to attend camps at Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina State.

Those are some of the same schools that Jackson expects to be watching him the closest this year along with North Carolina, Maryland, Nebraska and most of the rest of the ACC, many recruiting him as either a running back or at the linebacking position.

Because of the fact that Jackson doesn't currently have any offers, it at least doesn't get him focused too much on any one school. That's fine for him, because as you can tell, it's not his college future that he's worried about at this instant, but simply his own. "I can't worry about what I have to do to impress them." he said. "I have to worry about what I have to do to make myself better. The rest of that stuff will come, so I just work on what I need to, to become as good as I can and don't worry about the rest."

Chazeray's name is unsung mostly at this point and in a year where North Carolina is putting out a huge number of potential Division 1-A players, it could be that until the season starts. Once the season is underway though, he plans on making sure that at least for him, there won't be any question as to "if" he stacks up. It will just a matter of "when" others notice it as well.

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