JUCO star already with "major" offers

Need an instant-impact type of player that can both address a depth concern and give you a "lock" at the position? Normally, if you are in need of just that type of player, you look to the junior college ranks. And, if you are looking for either a receiver or defensive back, chances are, most schools will be looking at New Mexico Military Institute's, Zackary Bowman. A probable pre-season All-American, Bowman is indeed "instant" impact.

His head coach calls him a "freak of nature". Others call him a "sure-thing" Zack Bowman says of himself that he could be either, but he's not saying it, because he'd rather let his actions on the field speak for him. Back to his coach though, those actions speak volumes. "As a receiver, he's really instinctive." Coach John O'Mera said. "And, when we put him at cornerback, he just took to it like a natural. There's just nothing this kid can't do. I'm sure he's going to be a pre-season All-American."

With that kind of versatility, the doors are open as to what Bowman himself would rather play. While Bowman has a certain affection for both positions, he has an idea of what he would like to play at the Division 1-A level. "I'd like to play receiver." he said. "With what I am able to do, I think I can be a big weapon for any team out there. I can run good routes and stretch the field, but I think my biggest strength is just having a nose to get to the football."

Whatever his strength, other schools are taking notice, Oklahoma, Nebraska, TCU, Temple, South Carolina all having offered, Bowman believing as well that Texas and Texas Tech will soon be added to the list.

And, if you are in New Mexico where Bowman plays junior college ball, it's not hard to take a look around, at least locally. But, from Alaska where Bowman played high school ball, it's increasingly difficult.

Zack did say that he's got plans to visit at least two schools as soon as he gets the chance. "The first school I want to visit is Nebraska." Bowman stated. "I talked to the coach there and am going to try and make it to see what it's like. The other is Oklahoma because they said they want me to come by if I can."

If Bowman can graduate on time, he'll have 3 years to play 2 and honestly, that's what Bowman's primary concern is at this time. "That's where most of my focus has to be." Bowman stated of his academics. "If I don't graduate, I can't play at any of those schools, so it's hard to think about them before I am qualified to go."

Zack's academic status is the only question anyone has about him as with everything else, he'll no doubt be one of the top JUCO players in the country. As his coach says about him, he's instant results for just about anything you want him to do. Versatile, athletic and fast, Bowman promises to be one of THE junior college players to watch this year.

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