Nebraska gets first commit!!

Nebraska's recruiting class for 2005 was a zero, but no longer. This morning, NU scored their first commit, a stout and fast linebacker out of the southwest. He didn't need much time to figure out that Nebraska was where he needed to be. Now, he's a future Husker.

With May evaluations done, Nebraska coaches had a chance to take a breathe and think about all the players they had seen, talked to and tried to convince that Nebraska was the place to be. One player that agreed and this morning made his commitment official was linebacker, Nick Covey. This standout Arizona athlete said that he had seen and heard enough. It was time to become a Husker.

Throughout the Summer, Covey has impressed whoever has seen him at practice or at camps. While not being touted, the hype was starting to build for Mountain Ridge high school star. The 6'3" 220 lbs physical specimen was starting to make a name for himself.

This morning, he made another name for himself with just a single call.

Future Husker.

Nick Covey became Nebraska's first official football commit for the class of 2005 and the second player to come from Mountain Ridge High in the last five years, the other being starting offensive lineman, Richie Incognito.

Ironically enough, the Covey's are well acquainted with the Incognitos, but Nick cited a simpler reason as to why he pulled the trigger for the Big Red. "I talked to my parents and that's where I wanted to go, so I went ahead and committed."

"I mean, everything about the place, the atmosphere, the fact that it's all about football, that's what I want. You don't go there to do anything but play football, so that's the place I want to be."

Playing the game of football is something Covey does pretty well already, coming off a junior campaign where he racked up All-Regions honors for both tight end and linebacker and heck, if you want one of the better punters in the country, Nick was averaging over 46 per.

Defense is where he'll be though, recruited to play the sam linebacker position, a position that his 4.59/40 speed even on his stout frame is absolutely ideal. Covey also isn't wanting in the mentality it takes to play that particular spot. "You just have to treat wherever you are at like that's your spot." Nick said. "You're not coming by me without getting hit."

Covey will probably put on yet more weight, but not a lot more as you will probably see him play in the area of just under 230. Covey is just glad now, because that's all he has to worry about, because with this decision out of the way this early, he can think about one thing-the current team he's on. "It's like I just feel so much relief right now." Nick said. "I'm just happy, it's done and now I can think about my last season."

It's a season where Covey himself will have a chance to show everyone else what the Nebraska coaches have already seen, plus maybe even a little bit more.

Goals do dance around in the mind though, because now that he is a Husker, it's hard not to think about what that first year will be like. And, like any competitive person, Covey wants to hit campus with his helmet on, but will opt for whenever his chance is to take skills to the field inside Memorial. "Everyone wants to play right away." Covey said. "I mean, I would love to be able to just play my first year. But, if I have to redshirt, I am going to work really hard, get to know everything and make sure I am ready the next season."

Nebraska will no doubt need him, the linebacking core not overly ripe with depth and of course, that's entertaining to any linebacker that might be stepping onto Osborne field in say a year or two.

Covey is just looking forward to stepping on that field at all, because when he does and if it's amidst an actual game, he did what he wanted to do and achieved what he wanted to achieve. Now, he'll be living the dream of being a Nebraska Cornhusker. "I can't wait to be running down that field in a game." Nick said. "Looking up at the crowd and realizing that I am playing for Nebraska."

"It's just one of the top schools you can play for."

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