Texas tackle with offers from some of the "elite"

Terrel Nemons already is one of the more sought after players within the Lonestar state. That's usually enough to sell you on what he can do, but as Nemons has said, there's a lot more to come because he thinks he's just starting to hit his stride.

At 6'3" and 305 lbs, whatever side you envision Terrel Nemons on, you got yourself a tank. Not the smallish, plodding and unreliable Sherman types either, but a fast-moving-agile Abrams-type that can lull you into thinking he's a bull-rusher with his size, but the next thing you know, he's just side-stepped you, did a "swim" move and you are looking behind as Nemons records yet another tackle for loss.

In all reality, Nemon's strength is that it isn't just his strength that is a formidable weapon on the field. "I'm strong and big, but I think my quickness off the ball surprises people. "I can get off the snap quick, go side-to-side if I need to. I'm not just a bull-rusher type."

That ability led to 8 sacks on defense for the Cedar Hill star, along with 52 total tackles as a junior. And yes, he is strong as well, benching 340, squatting close to 600 and sporting a 25 inch vertical as well.

All this equals a pain in the butt for offenses and a baker's dozen in offers, Oklahoma, LSU, Florida, Nebraska, Oklahoma State and Arizona, just to name a few. Even for a player of his caliber, Nemons himself has been taken aback a bit by the attention. "I thought I might get recruited, but nothing like this." he said. "But, I guess it's better to get more attention than you thought than less."

As you might have noticed, Terrell could find himself being recruited for either side of the ball. Nemons did say though that most teams were looking at him for the defensive side of the trench. That suits Terrel just fine, because defense allows him to be the kind of player he likes. "You can be more aggressive on defense." he said. "You can move more, you have more freedom to make plays and no matter what it takes, you just have to get to that ball."

Facing what will be an onslaught of double-teams, Nemons is confident that he can do just that. "Oh, I am used to those by now." Terrel said. "You just have to fight through it, get up-field no matter what it takes and get to the ball. There's going to be at least one, probably two or even more guys that want to stop you, so you just have to step it up."

Upon the inevitable questions of those teams that Terrel might be interested in the most, Nemons gave a hint to that as to his possible camps this Summer. Texas and Oklahoma are slated as places he plans to camp, but Nemons said that he's looking at everyone right now. "They are up there." Nemons said of OU and UT. "But, I am not ruling anyone out. I'd never make a choice on a school until I had a chance to see it for myself."

Baylor is one other school that he's already seen and isn't sure as to whether he's going to make anymore unofficial visits this Summer. Unofficially or officially during the season though, Nemons said that he's not going to commit to anyplace that he doesn't see firsthand. There are some criteria though for teams he could be looking at in the future. "It's got to have a solid football progam." he said. "But, it has to have a good following. It has to be a place to get a good education and I'd like it to be a place where there aren't many distractions."

Because Nemons is going to play the process out until the end or darn close to it, there will certainly be some at least in regards to recruiting. Nemons said he doesn't mind that, because the more schools that come after him, the more choices he will have as to where he'll eventually be. That helps to make sure his decision is the very best for him in the end. "A lot of people look at OU and Texas and they figure those are it for me." he said. "You can't say that right now. You just can't. I don't know what I will see someplace else, how I fit in, so it could be someone totally different that I end up feeling the best at."

"If that's the case, that's where I'll go."

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