The inevitable Husker?

Nebraska isn't known for putting out a ton of Division 1-A prospects, but of those they do, some of them are considered pretty darn good. Last year, Nebraska commit, Cortney Grixby was ranked amongst the top ten in the country at the cornerback position. Creighton Prep's Zach Potter could find himself amongst many top lists by the end of his season, so that brings on the obvious question-when's he committing to NU?

It's funny. We go through this every single year when Nebraska has a group of solid prospects, especially those that been offered by the Big Red. When will they commit to Nebraska? What's the time-frame on their commit? Isn't it all just a matter of time before they decide to join the Husker elite?

Yep, that's how it has been, is and will always be. But, actually for Potter, he hasn't gotten questions about when he will commit, but when was it when he did. "A lot of people think I already committed." Zach said of some thinking that he was already a future Husker. "I think that when the articles came out after Callahan took over that he was still giving me my offer, I think people just thought I did."

"So, I just have to tell them that I haven't really."

It's the same every year and I can't tell you how many times I have written a story almost exactly like this. Nebraska boy is born-Nebraska boy grows up-Nebraska boy realizes he can play the sport of football and well-Nebraska boy gets offered from Nebraska-Nebraska boy wants to look around, but entire state is already jotting him down as a Husker.

When Zach gets that kind of attention, people inquiring as to what he's going to do even if it's in the back of their mind that they assume some certainty as to the answer, Zach's casual demeanor allows him to give a nonchalant shrug, stating that he's still with so much to do. "I just tell them that I haven't made up my mind yet, time will tell and we'll see what I am going to do."

What he's going to do is the main question, but what position he'll play could be another. Zach is being recruited for both sides of the ball, tight end and defensive end of course, but would you believe, tackle? Yes, the 6'7" 250 pounder has actually had some that have said he could be in the mold of say, a Robert Gallery. Of course, all he needs is the weight. Like at least 60 more pounds.

That's not real appealing to Potter. "Yeah, some have talked to me about that, but that's something I don't really want to do." he said. "They talk to me as someone that might be a Robert Gallery-type because he began at Iowa as a tight end."

"I think I would much rather play defensive end or tight end though."

Realistically, when you look at all those lists, touting some of the best around, Potter could find himself on them at both the positions he plays right now, but even with the two, he's still leaning towards what he might like more at the next level. "With tight end, you are out there, running around and scoring touchdowns." he said. "As a rush end, you might get a sack, but as a tight end, you are scoring and that really effects the game. I just think tight end is a lot more exciting."

The off-season excitement for Potter is actually just starting as he hasn't had much of an opportunity to get out and visit some schools. This week, Potter could be flying down to visit Oklahoma on a camp and has some plans well above and beyond that. "I'm probably going to drive down to Nebraska (offer) for a day or two." he said. "I might head over to Iowa for a day, Kansas (offer) for a day, I'm not ruling out Kansas State either, plus I might still make a trip down to Notre Dame."

Ok, that's great. Visits to see the Sooners, Hawkeyes, Jayhawks, Wildcats and possible the Irish. that would lead me to one obvious question.

So, when are you committing to Nebraska?

Just kidding of course and it would be hardly ethical for me to ask that question of any recruit, regardless of their residence, but you know that Zach has gotten it already, could be getting it now and will get it right up until he decides where he's going to go.

Last year, It was Grixby that was the most watched in-state as to what they were going to do. This year? It will probably be Potter. He's already on a few lists here and there as being one of the top prospects around. Chances are, that when it's all said and done, Zach could be on them all.

Zach's not worried about that or really anything at all. He's just planning on having some fun. "People talk about it so much that you just get used to it." he said. "I don't worry about it. I just tell them that I haven't made up my mind and we'll see. I mean, I have to keep them on their toes."

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