Introducing Big Red Report!!

We are proud to announce the unveiling of Big Red Report, a new magazine affiliated with the Nebraska site in network. This magazine, published 10 times a year, will serve as the perfect companion to this web site and is devoted to coverage of Nebraska athletics and recruiting. Check out the full story for all the details.

We have a special announcement today as HuskerConnection is evolving into BigRedReport.

As part of this transition, we will be launching a new magazine, Big Red Report, that will cover Nebraska athletics.

For those that have been part of the HuskerConnection community, this represents HC evolving into a new and better way to serve you the Husker fanatic. For those new, Big Red Report will be your comprehensive, informative link to your Nebraska Huskers. It's a new era for us and one that will bring you closer to Nebraska than you've possibly ever been before.

When we thought about Big Red Report, the magazine and, of course, the site, we had to think of what we could do differently than others.

Then it dawned on us that what was different WAS what we could do, because though the football program is certainly the centerpiece of the university, there simply were too many other positive aspects about Nebraska athletics that we felt were going unsung.

Now, don't assume that we won't have some of the most in-depth coverage available on the football program, offering interviews, analysis and insights into your Nebraska Huskers.

We're comprehensive, not crazy.

Of course the emphasis will almost always be towards the "bread n' butter" sport of the program, but we would be remiss to not spread the enormity of wealth there is to be had in the knowledge of what the entire NU athletic program has to offer.

At the same time, we analyze and project the potential successes or failures of the football team under the new regime, headed by Bill Callahan, we simply wouldn't be doing our job if we ignored a volleyball team that even before they stepped on the court in 2004 might be hailed as the team to beat.

And yes, we will scrutinize, theorize and overdramatize varying subjects that have to do with the gridiron greatness of this Nebraska team. But, it would be near a crime to avoid a wrestling team that returns a slew of All-Americans and brings in a high school wrestler who was ranked No. 1 in the country.

And of course, we also plan a major emphasis on recruiting, a subject we take very seriously. We will cover recruiting with a renewed vigor.

It's about everything Nebraska and enjoying what there is from football team to the rifle team, from volleyball to tennis, soup to nuts as they say, bringing it to you in various packages, all meant to inform and possibly even entertain.

It's going to be everything that was great about Husker Connection, but we will bring you to everything else you deserve. It's not just our modus operandi, it's our passion. A passion we share with you.

So, join us at Big Red Report, jump on the message boards and don't forget the recruiting coverage as we give you what you deserve, your full Nebraska experience.

A neat part of this whole transition is those who subscribe to the web site for one year at $99.95 will receive a one-year subscription (10 issues) to the Big Red Report magazine. And, as an added bonus, those who subscribe now will receive a copy of Athlon's Football Preview issue (while supplies last). Magazine subscriptions will also be available for one year at $39.95. (The magazines will sell for $4.95 each on newsstands.)

The magazine will be published monthly from August (our first issue, the season preview, is due out Aug. 1) through March with issues also planned for the Spring and Summer.

Click the link below for all subscription details.

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