Maualuga has official set for Lincoln

Nebraska is looking at having a very special official visitor on September 3. Rey Maualuga has set up an official visit to Lincoln with Bill Callahan.

He's 6-foot-2 and 240 pounds and runs a sub-4.5/40. Rey Maualuga has been raking in the offers and has set up at least one official visit.

"I know of one for sure," Maualuga said. "Nebraska; September the third on a Saturday it's their home-opener."

"Coach Callahan and my coach set it up and got the date. They're (Nebraska) supposed to fly in. We have a jamboree that Friday and they're going to fly in Friday night and pick me up and take to watch their game."

Maualuga is up to around 20 offers he claims and says that he already has two other official visits set. "Oklahoma and Notre Dame, I think that my coach got them scheduled, but I don't exactly know when."

He has a few other schools in mind when it comes to getting his last two official visits. "Probably LSU and Oregon. Oregon I might just drive up there. USC I don't have to worry about. I can go there anytime and basically I have been there a lot of times."

Rey is nearly 12 hours away (driving) from Eureka, Calif. to USC. However, he has friends in the area that he can go to see and stay with and then go over to see USC.

"I am friends with Coach Mack from St. Bonaventure's. He was my freshman coach. I moved from Ventura to Eureka. When my parents moved to Eureka start a church Coach Mack brought me into my house and let me stay with him until I couldn't stay anymore."

Rey has his priorities in line with his emphasis on a good education. He is also concerned with getting along with the players as well as the coaches.

"Education comes first. When it comes to football you have to get to know the players because you're going to be playing with them throughout your college career. You have to get comfortable with the players as well and also with the coaches."

The differences between Eureka and Lincoln will probably be night and day when it comes to the obvious like climate and surrounding geography. So what is it he wants to really see about Nebraska?

"Basically, the comfort. The feeling that you have between you and the coaches."

Although Coach Callahan helped schedule the official visit with Rey's coach the primary recruiter from Nebraska has been Coach Dennis Wagner.

"When I spoke to Coach Callahan he basically talked to me about wanting me to come up there and visit. He said they'd fly out there to pick me up. I thought it was a good thing and I took it."

With all of the offers on the table and despite the fact that he has three of his five official visits set, Rey is wide open right now. "No, I'm basically open to everybody and what they have right now. Basically everyone is up there; Nebraska, USC, Oklahoma, everybody. It's about who has the best to offer basically."

Although Rey is wide open, one tradition in particular has Rey looking at Nebraska a bit differently. "It's their Blackshirt defense and if I came in they'd put me right in to play. I wouldn't have to wait. They'd just bring me in and play right away."

Nebraska will be hit hard by graduation after this fall and with the recent commit of Nick Covey the linebacker corps could use another standout commit like Maualuga. Speed along with playing well within his abilities as well as knowing his abilities on the football field are Rey's biggest strengths.

"Not going out there big-headed. Going out there confident and playing my "A" game. I feel like when people are nervous and they go out there they do less than what they can actually do. That's what I think I don't do."

Nebraska has been consistently recruiting Rey with weekly FedEx packages much like the one that delivered his offer. "They just send their letters in a FedEx. In the FedEx my I get five letters from each coach. Saying 'hey, we want you bad' and they say that I am their No. 1 linebacker."

Maualuga attended the Nike camp at Palo Alto and thought that he would be able to run his 40. Before the camp he hurt it, but it felt well enough to run.

"The Tuesday before that I pulled my hamstring. So I got a couple of days and it felt fine. Then walking into Stanford I felt I was ready because I felt no pain. I walk up in there and did everything. Did my 40 and then pulled it."

Oddly, this is the second hamstring injury Rey has ever had with the other happening a week before last year's Nike camp at Palo Alto. "And I went to Palo Alto and I pulled it again last year. Guess God doesn't want me to show everything."

"As of right now I have the USC Nike camp left. It's a three day camp."

Last year Rey accumulated 146 tackles, 11 sacks and had one interception. He was a first team all-state and all-county player as a junior and is currently carrying a 3.1 GPA.

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