Marlon Lucky has an "official" plan

His name would indicate some good fortune coming his way. Don't tell Marlon Lucky that though, because he's had a habit out of making his own. To such an extent that the names on his list of offers is a dream-list for any recruit across the U.S. Would you believe he's looking for more?

Marlon Lucky defines the term "workhorse". This staunch 6'0", 205 lbs. back reeled of almost 1,800 yards on the ground on over 220 carries. Adding the his own luster, Marlon added close to 300 yards receiving the ball as well.

You can imagine that his versatility is something he defines as a strength. "Yeah, I like the fact that I think I can do everything well." Marlon said. "I can cut into the gaps, accelerate to the corner, I see the field real well and I have good hands. When I am out there, I don't think there's anything I can't do."

That confidence is well-founded for Lucky and that's not even based on his numbers. Rather, it's based on some of the teams that have asked him to be a part of their writing. Washington, LSU, USC, Arizona, Nebraska, Mississippi State, San Diego State and Cal are the teams that have pledged their desire on paper to the North Hollywood star.

Believe it or not though and I can see you thinking it as you just read that Southern Cal. had offered. Marlon isn't quite as enamored with the Trojans, not because they aren't a great school and one that he's not considering heavily, but because he's seen them so much. "I have been there a lot." Lucky stated. "I know it's a great program, but I know it so well, that I'm not really learning anything new."

USC is so familiar that Lucky figures when his official visits do come, he'll probably opt for schools not so conveniently in reach. In fact, as to those officials, Marlon said that he's already got an early list of teams that he thinks will be getting one of those coveted all-expense paid trips. "Right now, I say I would be visiting Florida, Washington, LSU, Mississippi State and Nebraska." he said. "I'm not sure when I will take them, but right now, I think that's where I will be going."

Taking into account the obvious USC influence and his aforementioned 5, Lucky stated that amongst that group there is one team that stands out. "Florida is probably my favorite." Marlon said. "But, they haven't offered me, but I'd be pretty happy if they did."

Oddly enough, it's not the sunshine in the "sunshine state" that has wooed him into wanting to be that far south. It's actually the opposite of that. "Rain, I like rain." Marlon said. "If weather is going to be a factor, I'll go someplace that gets a lot of rain."

Marlon countered that a bit, the California-prep not wanting to break down his decisions by a state's annual precipitation and stated that the usual criteria come into play as well. "Oh, I am looking for a good tradition, a strong tradition of using their backs, plus what their backs do after college." he said. "It's basically got to be a strong program and a place I fit in."

Considering what Lucky brings to the table, that will probably be any school that is recruiting him right now.

As you could assume, don't expect a decision anytime in the near future from Marlon. He stated that at the very least, he would be waiting until his final season was over. Also, though Lucky has in his mind what and where his officials might be right now, considering the schools that have offered him thus far, that could realistically change.

And oh yeah, beware the Gators. If they offer, it's probably a done deal.

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