Garvin getting serious about recruiting

It's been said all along that June 10 is the cut-off date for Don Bosco stand-out Michael Ray Garvin. Does he already have a top 10 regardless? Well....there's at least eight or nine that won't be changing.

The 5-foot-8 and 180 pound Michael Ray Garvin was riding a huge wave of interest generated from his camp performances. He attended an elite camp and also the Nike camp at Palo Alto.

One of the most eye-popping things about Garvin is his speed. It's not often that you can catch up with him now with finals around the corner and Junior Olympics.

"He did great," Michael's father and coach, Johnny Ray Garvin said. "He ran a 10.61 (100m) automatic time and a 21.5 (200m) automatic time."

"USATF and AAU have a Junior Olympic program where there is a national meet. One is in Oregon and one is in Iowa. It is actually a Junior Olympics, exactly how it sounds. It was at Omaha one year a few years ago. Michael has been to Nebraska."

His speed has not only been on display to the track-world, but he has really been able to show off his speed in recent camps. The most recent camp that Garvin was in attendance for was the Nike camp in Palo Alto.

"We liked it. We shot his legs out and to me I wasn't really satisfied. He ran a 4.28 and bench pressed 185 (pounds) 24 times. They put him in the top five players. We got the Florida State and a few other scholarships because of that camp."

Before the Nike camp Michael made his debut performance at The Elite Combine. He did not disappoint and made for a spectacular match-up between himself and Derrick Williams.

"They said that the first time was an illegal start. He ran a 4.19 in his first 40. Every clock on him had him clocked at that time. And what he did was the clocks are ready, two clocks are on him and he touched and he left. So he went down and he touched his hand and he left. They wanted him to sit for a second."

"He was the MVP of the defensive backs and was the Fastest Man because they knew that he was the fastest guy there. They did all of the drills, the defensive back drills and everything else before they were going to go into one-on-one's and they asked him to run another 40. He ran a 4.3 -- flat. After he was tired."

First of all there is a direct effect that the camps have had on Michael and his quantity of offers. Florida State and Michigan State really offered Garvin as a result of his performance at the Stanford camp. However, there was also an interest by the Garvin's to influence the recruiting ratings.

The Nike camp experience to Michael was exhausting. Beyond the cross-country flight he made on Friday he played ball on Saturday for a good five hours. The only opposing player to have success with Michael was the first guy he faced. Beyond that no one caught the ball on him. The conditions at the camp weren't ideal with cold weather and the slow conditions, but Mike still ran a 4.28 there.

"We went to all of these camps, basically, for the rankings, Bryan. Mike's a little disappointed; we're a little disappointed with the rankings. Go back to the U.S. Army All-American Combine, all of those kids between Jamario O'Neal and all of those kids were there. Michael took home the MVP. Head to head, look at the statistics Derrick Williams ran a 4.4 and change. Mike was the only one with a 4.3 there."

"I believe that the combine was run professionally because they had a company come in and run that combine. It wasn't like it was a bunch of coaches or other guys."

"They need to go back and look at the U.S. Army All-American Combine. Look at The Elite Combine. Head to head, Mike really smoked Derrick Williams. I mean these quarterbacks had 15 minutes to pass. Here they are and they are waiting for Derrick Williams to get open and Mike is covering him like a hawk. Every coach in the place stated that Mike was the best player at the combine."

Despite what any recruiting service wants to tell you Garvin's talent is in comparison to other talent in the nation is really irrelevant. The Garvin's have their hands on enough options of offers to be able to make the decision about where Michael will attend college.

With the June 10 date rapidly approaching it is now a scramble for teams to get into that top 10. Mr. Garvin was reluctant to give out too much specific information. But, he made one early announcement and then followed it up with another.

"Nebraska is in our top 10. You better believe that we will make a trip out to Nebraska and take a look at it. June 10 is our top-ten and that is what we are sticking with."

So how close is the list to being totally complete. Well, there are only a few teams that Michael is really waiting on to see if an offer will be there before drafting the top 10.

"We're close. Nebraska is in there. The four Big 12 schools are in: Colorado, Kansas State, Oklahoma and Nebraska."

It is an educated estimate by Mr. Garvin that Michael is up around 35 offers, total. One of the most recent schools to offer was Florida State on the heels of his Nike performance in Palo Alto. Another to offer as a result of his Mike performance is Michigan State and there may have been a couple of others.

"I can't remember how they came. Florida State was our last "big" offer and we're excited about that one. You name it we probably got it. We don't have USC and UCLA, but Mike made the statement that USC might be a little bit too far away. But, we really don't care. We got Georgia, Georgia Tech, Florida State, everyone else in the ACC pretty much offered and everyone in the Big East."

All in all, Mr. Garvin was able to give me a good idea of what the top 10 will look like. Here is the preliminary look at the contenders for Garvin's final top 10:

Notre Dame, Florida State, Georgia, Colorado, Kansas State, Rutgers, Nebraska, Maryland, Virginia, Oklahoma with teams like Georgia Tech and Boston College who have offered still vying for a spot. If Miami does offer they will move into the top 10 per Coach Garvin and Michigan might as well.

"If I don't have the offer faxed to me (by June 10) we're not going to worry about it. We're not going to change our mind. We have to get serious about this. We have to go look at these schools."

Another valuable piece of information that Coach Garvin wanted to share was how the unofficial visits will be conducted. "Michael is going by himself. I'm going to fly Michael to those top 10 schools. Those coaches, those guys and that family there are going to be able to make my son feel comfortable. Then we are going to pick the five. He's going to pick his top five. Then we're going to fly in; me, my wife and Michael, and we're going to make our choice."

Michael will make some unofficials in June and some in July. Michael and his father have already spoken to some of the schools to begin scheduling these trips.

Expect a decision shortly after the five officials have been taken. The problem now that The Garvin's face is their own season. Not only is the son now involved, but the father is a coach. The only weekend that Michael could get a visit in early would be the September 3 weekend.

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